White Candle Collection by Diptyque – Sweet delicacies

The three new scented candles from Diptyque, which are part of the limited White Candle Collection, are brand new to the Aus Liebe zum Duft range and all sound delicious: Chantilly, Café and Biscuit. The three room fragrances are the result of a special collaboration with Café Verlet, a traditional and popular café on Rue Saint-Honoré, which was founded at the end of the 19th century and is famous for its exceptional café and pastry specialties.

Diptyque - White Candle Collection © Julia Biró
© Julia Biró

Café Verlet – An address with tradition

As already mentioned, the aforementioned Café Verlet is located on Rue Saint-Honoré. Friends of the cult brand Diptyque may know that the label also has a boutique on this street. The flagship store is of course at the legendary 34 Boulevard Saint-Germain, an address immortalized in its own fragrance. But of course, Diptyque has several other boutiques in the French capital and one of them is just a few steps away from the aforementioned Café Verlet.

Delicious delicacies are served here not far from the Louvre and the Seine. The café’s website states that it is the “oldest Parisian coffee company” that is still active. Exquisite coffee is refined in the company’s own roasting plant, so you can choose between thirty different types of coffee and over forty tea varieties at Café Verlet and buy them there.

The café on Rue Saint-Honoré has been around since 1880. Back then, the coffee beans were still freshly roasted and brewed at a small street stall and sold to gourmets, connoisseurs and well-heeled customers. Teas, spices and candied fruit were also included in the company’s range from the early 1920s, and Café Verlet cemented its reputation as an exquisite address for culinary delicacies and exquisite specialties.

Diptyque - White Candle Collection

White Candle Collection – Limited Edition

The White Candle Collection is only available in limited quantities. Experience has shown that fans of diptyque and scented candles should not hesitate too long, as the limited editions of the Parisian cult label are extremely popular and therefore often sell out quickly. In addition to the classic scented candles weighing 190 g, there is also a White Candle Set with three mini candles weighing 70 g each, which are particularly suitable as a gift or for anyone who would prefer to have three small scented candles instead of one large one.

Incidentally, the scented candles were decorated by British artist Clym Evernden, who the Evening Standard newspaper described as “one of London’s most influential”. He has won numerous prizes for his artworks, which he typically draws in ink. His unmistakable style and the outstanding quality of his creative work have already led to various collaborations with luxury brands such as Hèrmes, Acqua de Parma and Rolls Royce, to name but a few. Now his artistic sketches, reminiscent of ink strokes, adorn the glass jars and outer packaging of Diptyque’s White Candle Collection.

Chantilly – Creamy pleasure

Café Verlet is famous, and perhaps a little infamous, for its generous portions of cream, which can also be ordered separately on the menu as “Le pot de chantilly” for €2.80. The whipped cream is refined with fine vanilla, perfectly underlining its sweet, creamy and creamy notes. The fragrance notes of the Chantilly candle are easy to list: Cream and vanilla. No more and no less than the original from Café Verlet

Diptyque - White Candle Collection - Chantilly
Chantilly by Diptyque

Unlit, the Chantilly candle exudes a very authentic fragrance that reminds me of whipped cream refined with sugar and vanilla. Even though I don’t have the original Café Verlet product in front of me, I find the olfactory implementation of this specification to be extremely successful. You’d almost think you had a bowl of vanilla sugar cream in front of you. Wonderful!

I really like it, so I quickly pull out the match to test the flamed version for you. Well, what can I say? The nuances already described can also be found when lit. Naturally a little warmer, cozier and airier here, which makes the wonderful vanilla sweetness and creamy creaminess even more seductive. Perfect for all those who prefer gourmand and sweet scented candles with a feel-good character that provide a pleasant and unobtrusive room fragrance.

Café – White Collection

The Café scented candle focuses on the aroma of roasted coffee. We are not explicitly told which of the thirty types of coffee from Café Verlet was the inspiration for the scented candle. But it is supposed to be an espresso. This is revealed in the press release. The outer packaging of the candles, which were also designed by the artist Clym Evernden, features the houses and shop windows of the two brands Café Verlet and Diptyque in the Rue Saint-Honoré, which is very pretty to look at.

Diptyque - Café
Café from Diptyque

The Café scented candle is perfect for anyone who loves the smell of coffee. Even unflamed, I find the nuances of roasted coffee beans and the finest sugar simply delightful. Yes, it’s not a pure espresso that Diptyque serves us here, but a sweetened version. However, there is no need to worry that this is a sticky, artificial-looking coffee sweetener. Café skillfully exudes authentic and natural notes that are absolutely delicious. Here, too, I find the presence wonderfully balanced and rather light to medium.

I quickly strike a match and start sniffing. When lit, the scent of café is warmer and slightly darker. The roasted nuances of the coffee beans are still easy to sniff out, while the sweetness is less present in my eyes in this state. A candle for all fans of the scent of roasted coffee beans, for friends of gourmand and rather dark room fragrances that have a very natural and subtle effect. ☕

Biscuit – Diptyque

The Biscuit scented candle is an old acquaintance, as it was part of the Parisian cult label’s Christmas collection in 2021 and was so popular and quickly sold out that Diptyque is reviving it in this White Candle Collection. Much to the delight of us all! The candle is dedicated to the delicious cookies in Café Verlet, which are often served with a cup of hot coffee or tea. Its ingredients are gourmand notes and patchouli. The latter should give the fragrance a certain depth and creaminess, I suspect.

Diptyque - Biscuit
Biscuit from Diptyque

In terms of fragrance, I find Biscuit more intense than Chantilly and Café when it’s not ignited, and I’m curious to see if this is confirmed after ignition. Biscuit smells wonderfully biscuity, revealing doughy notes from which I can sniff out delicate citrus accents. Surprisingly, the candle is not too sweet, which I would have expected here. I can sense caramel nuances, but they combine so wonderfully with the gourmand, creamy cookie facets that their sweetness is limited.

When lit, I find the fragrance much warmer, more comforting and even more seductive. The aforementioned cookie notes are also convincing in this form, although I now find them sweeter than when unlit. But this room fragrance also impresses with its balanced and extremely harmonious composition and should be wonderfully appealing to all fans of gourmand cookie fragrances. 🍪

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