La Rose Aime La Menthe by Carrière Frères – Room fragrances for spring [+ giveaway]

Anyone who has been reading here for a while will know that the French brand Carrière Frères is particularly popular with me. The room fragrances in the line La Rose Aime La Menthewhich means “the rose loves the mint”, are now an integral part of the Carrière Frères collection and this is reason enough to present you this beautiful fragrance in three different versions: as a scented candleas diffuser and as Botanical Palets.

Carrière Frères - La Rose Aime La Menthe ©Julia Biró
© Julia Biró

You may have already seen on our Instagram account that I teased the three room fragrances in the story. Today, I would like to give the three of them the attention they more than deserve in their own blog post. The Carrière Frére brand once again demonstrates its class, masterfulness and exceptional quality.

Carrière Frères – Committed to tradition

The La Rose Aime La Menthe line is designed in the typical style of the French home fragrance manufacturer, which is closely associated with the venerable traditional candle manufacturer Trudon. The octagonal labels are adorned with magnificently blooming roses and mint in the style of botanical art. A touch of vintage, of nostalgia surrounds the visual language of Carrière Frères, giving the room fragrances a romantic, somewhat playful presence. At the same time, it is also a reminiscence of the history of the house, which began in 1884.

At this time, the Carriére brothers had already owned the Trudon Royal Wax Manufactory for some time, but wanted to set up something of their own on the side and implement their own ideas and concepts. This was the birth of Carrière Frères, whose products are still made today with great attention to detail from the highest quality ingredients in the Trudon candle manufactory. Anyone who has ever sniffed a scented candle from Carrière Frères and Trudon, who has touched the velvety-soft wax and been able to smell the consistently pleasant, always authentically realized room fragrance, knows what I am talking about. The room fragrances from both brands set standards in terms of quality and sophistication and are in a class of their own in every respect. You could almost say that they play in a league of their own.

Carrière Frères - La Rose Aime La Menthe - Scented candle

La Rose Aime La Menthe

The La Rose Aime La Menthe fragrance is available in three different versions: as a scented candle, as a diffuser and as Botanical Palets. I would like to present all three versions to you here, as the various room fragrance systems differ in terms of intensity and intended use.

Scented candle

The La Rose Aime La Menthe scented candle is designed in the classic Carrière Frères candle style. The white glass jar comes from Italy and impresses with its silky-matt look and feel. The only splash of colour on the jar is the hand-applied, octagonal label. Decorated with a golden frame and gold lettering, the centre of the label is adorned with the aforementioned, detailed and lovingly crafted painting of a bouquet of blooming Damask rose and mint. Simply beautiful!

The wax is a delicate shade of pink and – you simply have to stroke it – feels very velvety, fine and silky. I’ve come across a few scented candles over the last few years, from very different labels that are well known to niche and home fragrance fans. But I have never been able to feel such a unique and wonderful feel of the wax as with Carrière Frères and Trudon with any other brand.

Carrière Frères - La Rose Aime La Menthe - Scented candle

When unlit, I can smell a perceptible and subtle minty scent, which is sweet on the one hand, but also has a certain freshness to it on the other. My best guess is that the mint variety used here is spearmint or a variety of it. I think I detect a spearmint-like scent that is more sweet-green and aromatic than overly mentholated. The Damask rose can only be sniffed in its cooled form, presumably blending into the sweetness of the mint. So quickly swing the match and the cotton wick, which is aligned centrally and vertically by hand in the manufactory, is already burning. When ignited, the fragrance of La Rose Aime La Menthe is definitely more rose-heavy. The mint recedes into the background, but of course remains perceptible, but the honeyed, floral notes of the rose are now more present and merge with the aromatic herbal notes to create a wonderfully harmonious and spring-like fragrance. 🌹🌿


The La Rose Aime La Menthe diffuser has the familiar Carrière Frères look: reminiscent of old apothecary bottles, the octagonal glass jar is topped with a cork stopper. It is worth mentioning that the alcohol used for the solution was obtained from French beet, i.e. it is of completely natural origin. The diffuser is used in the classic way with rattan sticks, which are of course untreated.

A diffuser is generally intended for long-term and continuous room scenting. Carrière Frères gives a time frame of around 8 to 12 weeks for the 200 ml diffuser. The intensity and duration of the fragrance depend on various criteria. The size of the room has an influence, as do the temperature, the supply of fresh air and the amount of sunlight.

Carrière Frères - La Rose Aime La Menthe - Diffuser

While the scented candle gave off a rather present fragrance when unlit, which became more transparent when lit, the diffuser is airy, delicate and infused with a fine, minty freshness right from the start. But this is so wonderfully balanced and unmentholic that you don’t have to worry about being overwhelmed by a chewing gum-like wave of freshness. No, the lovely and aromatic green nuances of spearmint in this version of La Rose Aime La Menthe also provide a wonderful spring-like lightness that goes perfectly with the fine and elegant notes of the rose. This room fragrance is also wonderfully balanced and provides a pleasant, natural and restrained scent that once again demonstrates the class and high quality of the Carrière Frères manufactory.

Botanical Palets

The Botanical Palets La Rose Aime La Menthe are special beauties. The octagonal wax flakes are made from 100% vegetable wax, which is obtained from European organic rapeseed. The warm, liquid and perfumed wax is poured into the mold by hand and then sprinkled with rosebuds. Each Botanical Palet is therefore unique.

The green ribbon made of recycled polyester makes it quick, easy and uncomplicated to hang the Palet in the desired location. The wax flakes “are suitable for perfuming small spaces, such as a cupboard or drawer. Thanks to the ribbon, they can also be hung on a door handle or clothes hanger.”

Carrière Frères - Botanical Palets

The surface of the Botanical Palets feels as velvety and soft as the wax of the scented candles. On the upper side, the rose heads form an attractive pattern, while the name Carrière Frères and the year 1884 are embossed on the reverse. The scent of the plates is quite intense immediately after unpacking, but is not overpowering or too rich. Here, too, I perceive the pleasant and floral-fresh nuances of sweet spearmint, which combine with delicate rose. The colour of the wax is identical to that of the scented candles, but the fragrance intensity of the Botanical Palets is higher than that of the candles. The plates should provide fragrance for about 6 months. Perfect for anyone who likes to perfume smaller spaces such as cupboards or drawers.


We are giving away the following treasures from Carrière Frères, for which we would like to thank the distributor Valin:

How do you get into the lottery pot? Very simple! Leave us a comment below this article by Friday, 22.03.2024 and tell us your favorite spring bloomers. We will inform the lucky winners by email on Monday, 25.03.2024.

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We wish you good luck 🙂

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