Bonbon Pop, Gambling and Wabisabi – The Crazy Collection by ThoO

THoO has been at the top of my list of favourites ever since the seductive What about Pop. I have always been impressed by the label’s previous creations. The Italian niche fragrance brand with the beautiful flacons has been with us here in the Duft-Tagebuch for almost five years now and, as usual, I’ll link you to all the past articles under the next picture. The brand recently launched a new line with the exciting name Crazy Collection. Sounds wild, but is this also reflected in the fragrance compositions?

THoO - Crazy Collection

THoO in the Duft-Tagebuch

Here is an overview of all the reviews of THoO respectively The House of Oud that have accumulated on our fragrance blog in recent years (most of them are only available in German).

Bonbon Pop – scented candy

The first fragrance in the Crazy Collection is Bonbon Pop, which was created by French perfumer Douglas Morel. The official picture shows all kinds of treats such as licorice confectionery, soft ice cream and foam gums, which – especially in combination with the name – suggests a sugar-dominated, gourmet composition. The ingredients bergamot, peach, coconut, jasmine, patchouli, sugar, woods, ambergris and musk manage without the aforementioned licorice sweetness, but perhaps a hint of licorice is still hiding somewhere in the creation.

Once again, it is worth mentioning the beautifully crafted flacons, which in the Crazy Collection do not have the usual gemstone-like, marbled or otherwise abstract look. The three eaux de parfum are elaborately and lovingly painted. Bonbon Pop is adorned with a checkerboard pattern and a beautiful floral wreath in delicate rosé.

A fair of sweets. Delicious. Insatiable. Amusing. Captivating. In a word: Pop! This scent takes us back in time and brings us back to the innocent carefree and endless merriment we had as children when we loved stuffing ourselves with sweet treats.

THoO - Crazy Collection - Candy Pop

After a citrus-fresh bergamot start, sugary-sweet and wonderfully creamy nuances soon emerge, from which I can also clearly sniff out velvety peach notes. Jasmine and coconut provide milky-floral and subtly exotic undertones, which are blended with fine, earthy and woody-creamy patchouli. This provides slightly darker facets and lends depth to the creation. At the same time, the fruity-fresh accents of the opening gradually fade from the fragrance, giving way to warm and comforting gourmand notes on a velvety-soft and powdery-transparent base. A finely balanced and very harmonious, sweet and gourmand fragrance with fruity and fresh components and a cuddly, delicious finish that can be worn on cooler days for any occasion. 🍭🍬

Gambling – Olfactory playing

Maurizio Cerizza was hired to create Gambling, a fragrance that revolves around gambling. There are various card games to choose from, as well as games where you roll the dice or play with tokens. You can place your chips at the roulette table or put a cross in the lottery. You can bet on horses, dogs or the outcome of a soccer match or gamble at the slot machine. The world of gambling is colourful. Joy and sorrow lie close together here. THoO has now dedicated a fragrance to this emotionally charged metier, combining the ingredients whisky, smoky notes, adrenaline, bergamot, Szechuan pepper, coffee, mastic, cypress, galbanum, elemi resin, vetiver, cedarwood, guaiac wood, ambrette seeds, benzoin resin, amyris and musk.

Gambling on the rocks. Pure adrenaline. This daring, elegant and sophisticated fragrance exudes a mysterious, fleeting atmosphere before gradually unfolding in a bewitching firework of scents.

THoO - Gambling

Gambling opens with a very fresh, cool and greenish flavour. Dry, hot pepper mixes with peaty whisky. Smoky facets permeate the composition before it slowly turns more and more to the colour green. Mastic, cypress, galbanum and elemi resin provide citrusy, woody and resinous notes that revolve around the colour of hope. Not a dark forest green, but a fresh, vibrant pear green, without the fruit being used in the creation. The fragrance is transparent, airy and still cool, like a gentle breeze that brings us new energy. In the finish, powdery, earthy accents creep into the composition, blending harmoniously with the melange of greenish, resinous and woody nuances, with which Gambling gradually fades away. Suitable for all seasons and absolutely wearable all day around, this eau de parfum by THoO is a pleasant and not quite everyday fragrance companion that I like wonderfully. I would like to briefly emphasise the great look of the bottle with the cloud band and the playing cards. Simply marvellous! 🃏

Wabisabi – Perfectly imperfect

Perfumer Cristian Calabrò has already spoiled us with many a fragrance treasure, including my beloved What about Pop, which I mentioned at the beginning. But he also created various fragrances by New Notes and Roberto Ugolini. With Wabisabi, Calabrò is now devoting itself to a creation that revolves around a rather unusual fragrance ingredient: wasabi. Japanese horseradish – or Eutrema japonicum – is known for its bright green colour and nuanced pungency. The word wabi-sabi is probably familiar to friends of Japanese art and philosophy. Put simply, it means that there is perfection even in imperfect things. Cristian Calabrò combines the fragrance notes of green notes, bergamot, pink pepper, leafy green, pear, Turkish rose, jasmine, ylang-ylang, geranium, elemi resin, vanilla, cinnamon and musk for his interpretation of this Asian theme.

The impermanence and imperfection of things. Philosophical. One ingredient: unusual. Eccentric. Crazy! This fragrance with its spicy wasabi is unexpected and surprising. The characteristic light green cream leaves its culinary form to shine in a completely new version, acquiring elegance and sophistication: the olfactory version.

THoO - Wabisabi

The lush green of leaves meets the subtle, pungent freshness of pepper and bergamot in the opening of Wabisabi. I also perceive a few fruity aspects, accompanied by the minty coolness of the geranium, which underlines the colouring of Wabisabi. The bergamot picks up speed again as the fragrance progresses, providing citrusy, tangy accents in which the lucid nuances of ylang-ylang and rose slowly and gradually emerge. The elemi resin provides another green booster, revealing woody-spicy facets and a delicate citrus before the fragrance slowly drifts towards the base. The first sweet, powdery notes can already be sensed, but the citrusy-fresh green can still be clearly perceived in the finish. Wabisabi is less spicy than I would have expected, but a certain Asian-minimalist theme can be recognized in the fragrance. For friends of green unisex creations with a clear Hesperides component who are still looking for a pleasant and uncomplicated olfactory companion for every occasion and every season.

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