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Brand new and just presented at the current Esxence fragrance fair in Milan. The two new members of the Conspiracy Line from PERFUME.SUCKS: LOVE 6567 and HUMAN 0233 — soon to be available in your favorite store from Aus Liebe zum Duft. Yesterday I already tested FLASH 0021, WEALTH 4181 and FUEL 0987 and I am still thrilled.

Andreas Wilhelm has kindly sent me samples of the new conspirators in advance so that I can make your mouth water today.

HUMAN 0233 – Man or machine?

HUMAN 0233

HUMAN 0233 reminds us that we are human and should act like humans. The composition is 100% natural and smells of the warmth and closeness of our loved ones. We humans are all the same and need each other. Let us not forget what it means to be human – in the midst of war, hatred or machine algorithms and artificial intelligence.

Are you human?

#racismsucks #aisucks #behuman

“You’re a ghost, driving a meat-coated skeleton made from stardust, riding a rock, hurtling through space. Fear Nothing.” – (Author unknown)

With HUMAN 0233, Andreas is once again tackling a very fundamental topic. What does it mean to be human, to act human? Viewed as a grievance and alluded to in the hashtags, the topic of racism can be found, which incidentally is itself nothing more than a conspiracy theory. The currently omnipresent artificial intelligence with all its risks and side effects is also addressed. And this is precisely where the question of humanity arises, in war, destruction and exploding technical possibilities. What makes us special?

At first sniff I was pleasantly surprised, it didn’t turn out to be a human-skinned cliché fragrance. At first, a distinct green-earthy patchouli/vetiver blend, which increasingly transitions into warm, spicy labdanum soul balsam. Other drivers of harmony are ambrette and vanilla, which capture and pacify these strong characters. Despite all the balancing movements, I would describe HUMAN 0233 alongside FUEL 0987 as the more sophisticated fragrance in the line, or at least it doesn’t necessarily want to please everyone. You have to give it time, it matures on the skin and so does the idea behind it. The high concentration of fragrance oils is particularly noticeable here. Handle with care!

Top notes: ambrette seed, magnolia, labdanum (cistus)
Heart notes: rosewood, cardamom, vanilla
Base notes: patchouli, vetiver, labdanum (cistus)

LOVE 6567 – instead of hate

LOVE 6567

Being a child again. LOVE 6567 transports us back in time. Sitting between mum and dad in the cinema — with lemonade and popcorn The feeling of security and unconditional love. Let us remember this love and pass it on – simply every day.

Can you still love?

#hatesucks #lovewins #bekind

Even if the title suggests otherwise, this is not the next romantic fragrance for Valentine’s Day. The love we are talking about here is a more profound one, the love between parent and child. It’s about a fond childhood memory: going to the movies with your parents, sitting between mom and dad and snacking on popcorn while watching a movie.

LOVE 6567 immediately puts a grin on your face. That’s how authentic the sweet popcorn is, coated in a layer of caramel. I’m not a self-confessed gourmand fan, but this is simply delicious. Of course, that wasn’t all The sweet notes are complemented by warm tolu balsam, which together with nard and musk exudes an aromatic, soft cuddle factor. And that is also the link to the story. This love is unconditional, carefree, sweet as sugar, as it can only exist in a childhood memory. A dream – not just for gourmet lovers.

Top notes: popcorn, caramel, tolu balsam
Heart notes: caramel, tolu balsam, Indian nard (jatamansi)
Base notes: tolu balsam, nagarmotha, musk

The Conspiracy Line – my conclusion

Conspiracy Line by PERFUME.SUCKS

I am impressed by this line because so many things simply fit together particularly well. Highly concentrated and also high-quality fragrances with a message, but without lecturing. What’s more, the pricing for niche fragrances is reasonable: FLASH 0021, WEALTH 4181 and LOVE 6567 are absolutely suitable for everyday use, while FUEL 0987 and HUMAN 0233 tend to be statement fragrances. You have to test them!

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