The Conspiracy Line by PERFUME.SUCKS – Intoxication, money and gasoline

In yesterday’s interview with Andreas Wilhelm, we learned the background to the Conspiracy Line. Even if it seems like a conspiracy that he deviates from his extremely pared-down approach (all the ingredients are on the bottle, but now with a story to go with it), there are other exciting layers to the conspiracy line.

Social criticism is one thing. What problems are our societies struggling with? Drug use, climate change, extreme financial inequalities. The twinkle in the Conspiracy Line’s eye lies precisely in the fact that it is not a classic conspiracy in which elites meet for secret agreements, lizards are behind human faces or airplanes poison us with chemtrails. The truth is “hidden” in plain sight. Like the gorilla in the experiment, which remains invisible as long as we are busy doing something else.

FLASH 0021 – chemical happiness

Flash 0021 - PERFUME.SUCKS

With FLASH 0021 we focus on the excessive use of drugs and the problems it causes in society. FLASH 0021 is a life-changing fragrance like an LSD trip, it gives you a kick like a line of cocaine and is just as addictive as heroin.

And are you happy now?

It is actually a truism that we in the western world consume drugs diligently. From socially accepted drugs such as tobacco, alcohol and most medicines to illegal drugs, which fuel a huge shadow market and thus countless crimes.

How does Andreas Wilhelm envision this scenario? The olfactory methadone FLASH 0021 hammers directly through the nose into the brain – with a line of pepper and green-sour grapefruit-rhubarb notes. The pupils dilate, adrenaline electrifies the body and as if this synaptic firework wasn’t enough, our reward center is flooded with sugary popcorn notes. Synthetic fruits and blood sugar caprioles flow into a soft base, the warm relaxant intoxication of inner peace and security.

A real substitute is FLASH 0021, a fragrance intoxication without any hangover or regrets. Yes, what is the counter-model to drug use? Authentic joy, real relationships with other people and a happiness that you can create for yourself.

Top notes: Szechuan pepper, truffle, popcorn
Heart notes: rhubarb, rosewood, heliotrope
Base notes: musk, sandalwood, ambergris

WEALTH 4181 – Money does not smell

Wealth 4181 - PERFUME.SUCKS

WEALTH 4181 is designed to make us aware of our different life perspectives based on different financial situations. WEALTH 4181 is based on a headspace analysis of freshly printed Swiss francs and envelops us in a luxurious aura.

How much is your soul?

One of the most popular currencies is the Swiss franc, as it stands for extraordinary stability. Andreas has performed a headspace analysis (or Vapor space analysis, see Wikipedia) of freshly printed Swiss francs and artistically recreated their scent. The theme of money and wealth would probably have fitted in quite well with the drugs. The filthy lucre can have just as destructive a power in us as addictive substances do. Money does not smell, as the saying goes, but it can certainly smell tempting.

Swiss francs obviously exude the scent of a green iris. The synthetic-green and somewhat pungent notes actually make me think of printing ink, perhaps of large printing sheets that still hotly and intensely exude a whiff of power and influence. Here we are definitely not dealing with an iris as a boudoir powder puff, but with a modern, elegant and almost minty flower that is definitely not a counterfeit.

Top notes: iris, mimosa
Heart notes: iris, musk, heliotrope
Base notes: iris, musk, sandalwood

FUEL 0987 – the last howl of the engines


FUEL 0987 reminds us to reduce our fuel consumption in the interest of the health of our planet. FUEL 0987 envelops you in the scent of fuel and reminds you that we are hurtling towards the abyss at full speed.

Bon voyage!

Just as money can be a drug, oil can be equated with money. Many countries have become fabulously rich from black gold. Despite decades of predictions, the sources and deposits do not seem to be drying up. However, climate change is a stark reminder that digging up fossil fuels and lighting them on fire is not a good idea in the long term. FUEL 0987 is a tribute and a swan song to the lubricant of the economy par excellence. Scent diary veterans may remember the Volkswagen petrol fragrance Mémoire de Pétrole, which I wrote about in 2015. FUEL follows the same theme, but has significantly more horsepower under the hood. Tarry, resinous, leathery – that’s my first impression – and lots of it! Medicinal notes are reminiscent of petrol or lubricants, but here too there is a twist of balsamic and sweetness as well as organic-animal notes. Just the thing for leather fragrance fans. And like the other fragrances, absolutely wearable.

Top notes: Indian nard (jatamansi), agarwood (oud), birch tar
Heart notes: tolu balsam, caramel
Base notes: styrax resin, birch tar, labdanum (cistus), leather

The perfumes in the Conspiracy Line don’t suck at all either. Perhaps they shouldn’t, since we may be on the trail of a new conspiracy.

Tomorrow I will introduce you to the new conspiracy fragrances HUMAN 0233 and LOVE 6567. Stay tuned!

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