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Today and in my next post, I’ll be introducing you to aaa/unbranded, a new brand from London. Five of the label’s eaux de parfum are currently available at Aus Liebe zum Duft, of which I will first present N. 1 /concrete and N.2 /sinless, before N.3 /noma, N.4 /decade and N.5 /carbon take their turn tomorrow.

aaa/unbranded - N.1 /concrete

In a nutshell: aaa/unbranded

The brand was founded in 2017 and initially focused on extravagant footwear. However, the London-based label soon turned its attention to cosmetics and fragrances and, in addition to high-quality skincare, it has also been offering a range of fragrances for a few years now, which the brand itself describes as “unconventional”.

What does it mean to be unconventional? It’s not about being weird and strange for no reason. Being unconventional certainly doesn’t mean wanting to be eccentric, strange or original at all costs. It has nothing to do with any of this. Especially not with a self-centered approach to life.

Instead, always try to be yourself. Stand by your own convictions and follow them. This means believing in values, in dreams, pursuing healthy goals, having your own thoughts without being influenced by general thinking. Being unconventional means having respect for yourself and for others at the same time. It means believing that beauty comes from within.

aaa/unbranded - N.2 /sinless

N series – aaa/unbranded

The N series launched to date by aaa/unbranded is based on three pillars: time, assemble and essence. In terms of time, the brand focuses on the production and maturation process. The fragrances are stored in steel barrels for between three and eight months, sometimes enhanced by other ingredients and methods. Cold smoking with hickory wood or a cold infusion with Palo Santo could be mentioned here.

Extraordinary ingredients come together in the creations of aaa/unbranded. The compositions are experimental and contain fragrances that are sometimes out of the ordinary and are intended to leave a special impression. A fluid approach that appears very artistic and innovative and which the brand expresses with the words Assembled Around Aesthetics.

The essence or concept of the N series is based on the Ma philosophy, which originated in Japan and is particularly remarkable from an aesthetic point of view. Ma is a holistic concept that affects all areas of life and is difficult to put into words. “Emptiness”, “pause” or even a “caesura” could serve as translations. The space between two objects, the silence between two pieces of music, the pause between two actions. All this can be Ma. This emptiness, silence and pause is by no means negative and characterized as empty, silent or inactive, but rather forms a connection between active, tangible and noisy things and thus creates its very own space of harmony and balance.

aaa/unbranded - N.1 /concrete
N.1 /concrete from Instagram

N.1 /concrete

The first Eau de Parfum N.1 /concrete is dedicated to birth. All the fragrances in the fragrance house are inspired by “different stages of life, from birth to death” and so it is actually logical that we start with this event. The bottle has a classic, minimalist style with a white label and black lettering. The most important facts can be read directly: “Matured for 12 weeks in a steel barrel” is one of the characteristics. The fragrance description is also immediately apparent with “airy, fresh, spicy, floral and musky”, as is the year of manufacture and the country of origin. Incidentally, all aaa/unbranded fragrances are produced in the perfume stronghold of Grasse and then mature in Italy.

I can tell you the fragrance notes: Bergamot, red berries, clove, nutmeg, rose, violet, geranium, white musk, vanilla, caramel, incense, vetiver and ambergris. Unfortunately, I was unable to identify the perfumer. If I find any more information about this, I will of course provide it later.

aaa/unbranded - N.1 /concrete

The brand’s description of the fragrance fits perfectly. N.1 /concrete starts with airy and light nuances, a hint of citrus freshness plays around delicate floral notes, closely followed by cotton-soft powder notes that appear very clean, very clean. Minimalist, restrained and modern, the composition gradually reveals vanilla-caramel nuances. Despite the clarity and transparency of the creation, the individual fragrance notes are wonderfully sniffable, sometimes more, sometimes less, and thus evoke a flowing, multi-faceted fragrance that is very complex and densely interwoven on the one hand, but also very tidy on the other. In the finish, N.1 /concrete becomes warmer, gently spicy and ends with cozy nuances. A fragrance for every season and every occasion. Simply beautiful!

N.2 /sinless

After birth comes childhood and this is exactly what N.2 /sinless is dedicated to. Accordingly, the nickname of number 2 is sinless. Innocent like a child, pure, carefree and full of life. aaa/unbranded describes the fragrance as “fresh, light, floral, woody and ambery” and also notes that it was allowed to mature for 23 weeks in a steel barrel.

The ingredients are bergamot, red berries, bitter orange, marigold, saffron, violet, rose, jasmine, orange blossom, leather, cedarwood, vanilla, ambergris, patchouli, caramel, vetiver and honey.

aaa/unbranded - N.2 /sinless

N.2 /sinless starts off citrusy and spicy, just as restrained in its opening as our first candidate of the day. Delicate citrus fruits meet saffron, accompanied by the finest violet powder and herbaceous marigold. Jasmine and orange blossom provide a subtle, floral creaminess, but overall the eau de parfum is very light, transparent and airy. Gradually, the woods and leather enter the olfactory scene, accompanied by the earthy notes of patchouli and vetiver. The sweet, spicy nuances of vanilla and ambergris can already be sensed on the horizon, accompanied by a gentle honey sweetness and the finest cream caramel. With them, the fragrance gradually becomes warmer, softer and more comforting and finally ends with transparent, woody-ambery moments. N.2 /sinless is also a wonderful and uncomplicated companion for every season and occasion that is sure to enchant many. It inspired me just as much as N.1 /concrete.

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