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My fourth and, for the time being, last contribution to the Swiss niche fragrance brand pernoire comprises three more extraits de parfum, namely Naki, Tierra and Vitias. All three previous articles are linked below. Here you can find out all about the brand itself and the first three creations Amoral, Mansa and Masar.

pernoire - Naki
Naki from Instagram

Naki – Fragrant innocence

The Naki creation was developed in collaboration with Swiss figure skater Kimmy Repond, who has won several medals in recent years and has made a name for herself internationally. Admittedly, I’m not really familiar with this sport, which is why the name Kimmy Repond didn’t mean anything to me at first. She was born in Basel in 2006 and was already on skates at the tender age of four.

Andreas Wilhelm was responsible for the olfactory realization of the extrait de parfum by pernoire and used the ingredients aldehydes, peach, almond blossom, passion fruit (passion fruit), fig leaves, sandalwood, white flowers, osmanthus, white musk, vanilla and maritime notes.

The origin of every soul lies in its pure and untouched essence. As we get older, external influences can affect the purity of our souls. However, when we look back at our beginnings, we often recognize our light-heartedness and our good faith. These characteristics are often forgotten in old age and replaced by skepticism and mistrust based on various experiences. But this purity and impartiality that was present in each of us is the key to a healthy society. It is the essence of pure and eternal youth.

pernoire - Naki

Fruity aldehydes meet greenish fig, a velvety-tropical combination of peach and passion fruit, accompanied by a wonderful white floral creaminess accentuated with the finest musk powder and lovely vanilla sprinkles. For me, Naki smells wonderfully of spring and summer, radiating a rousing light-heartedness and nonchalance that immediately puts me in a good mood. Gradually, maritime, salty notes creep into the composition like a cool breeze blowing in from the sea. A beautiful, airy and transparent summer fragrance with great fruity and floral accents that is best worn on any occasion during the warm season.

Tierra – A rum in honor

… no one can refuse. At least not when it is served in the form of Tierra. The spirit should be the guiding theme of the composition, which is of course also reflected in the fragrance notes. Rum, vanilla, spices, benzoin resin, red berries and agarwood (oud) sound exactly to my taste.

Nico Mannino’s father played an important role in the development of Tierra. He is an enthusiastic rum connoisseur and Nico caught the scent of an aged Colombian rum. Fascinated by the scent of this rum, Nico used this moment as inspiration to create Tierra, with the said aged rum as its essence.

pernoire - Tierra

In the opening of Tierra, the oud first shows its magnificent side. Animalic, peaty-leathery and dark, profound, mysterious and also a little wicked. The rather cool agarwood is soon joined by lovely vanilla and creamy-sweet benzoin resin, soothing the effervescent notes of the precious incense and lending it a certain softness and warmth. Now the rum also appears in the fragrance. Its liqueur-like nuances flow into the composition, beautifully surrounding the vanilla-creamy oud. Here and there, dark, tangy fruit nuances flash up in the creation, providing exciting accents. Perfect for anyone who loves a gourmand, spicy and lovely fragrance with boozy rum and edgy agarwood.

Vitias – Into the Deep

Bergamot, lime, pink pepper, black pepper, angelica, iris, woods, guaiac wood, maritime notes, ambergris and white musk are the ingredients of Vitias, a fragrance that transports us to the depths of the Pacific. The so-called Witjastief 1 is “the deepest known point of the Mariana Trench”.

The first kiss on a date at the beach is something very special that you will never forget. The salty sea breeze, the warm sun, the gentle touch of lips. Magic in the air, embodied in Vitias, named after the deepest point of the Pacific Ocean, which reflects the deep connection between two people.

pernoire - Vitias

With citrusy-fresh notes, Vitias initially strikes me more as a fragrance that takes me to airy heights than to the depths of the Pacific. The extrait de parfum is very light, summery, almost cologne-like. Pepper, angelica and woods bring nuances to the fragrance that almost remind me of juniper and thus breathe subtle gin and tonic accents into the creation. Can’t I hear the ice cubes clinking quietly? I really like this combination of citrus fruits, spices and woody notes, even if I still don’t see myself in the deep sea. Guaiac wood provides subtle smoky-powdery moments that harmonize wonderfully with iris and musk. A salty, maritime coolness pervades the composition, which continues to be dominated by bright, tangy yet transparent citrus fruits. A wonderful summer fragrance with G&T vibes and the finest marine facets that can be worn anywhere and at any time.

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