Nocologne by Fugazzi – high performance cologne [+ giveaway]

Today we’re looking at the new fragrance Nocologne from Fugazzi, which I have grandly classified as a high performer without even having tested it. In my last article Interview with Bram Niessink, founder of Fugazzi – All about Fugazzi the founder of the brand has already revealed a few things about the new creation Nocologne and has already hinted that it is not an ordinary cologne – as the name suggests – but an intense, powerful and long-lasting composition that you would not expect. That certainly sounds like a high-performance Cologne, what do you think?

Fugazzi - Nocologne
Nocologne from Instagram

Classic eau de cologne contains between 2 and 5 % perfume oil, and it must be said quite clearly that Nocologne, with its full 30 % perfume oil content as an extrait de parfum, is of course a far cry from a cologne. But where does the reference to refreshing water with the name of a North Rhine-Westphalian city come from? Could it be the ingredients?

Nocologne – how much omen is in the nomen?

Nocologne’s press release is of little help in the search for the source of inspiration: “Like the one friend who always appears as if made of eggs for every occasion, Nocologne gives ordinary 4% perfumes the finger and sets new standards with 30% perfume oil, outshining anyone lucky enough to be in the same room.”

The fragrance notes, on the other hand, speak a language that is definitely reminiscent of an eau de cologne, as citrus fruits are represented here in abundance. With bergamot, grapefruit, lemon, mandarin, cannabis, orange blossom, ginger, mimosa, pink pepper, clary sage, ambergris, ambrette seed, moss and vetiver, Fugazzi serves us a creation that is lavishly stocked, but with fragrance notes that like a certain lightness and freshness.

Fugazzi - Nocologne
Nocologne from Instagram

When citrus fruits have a party

Nocologne starts with strong citrus nuances, from which I can clearly sniff out grapefruit and tart hesperides accents that remind me of fruit peels. The opening puts me in an incredibly positive mood for the rest of the composition, because if it starts so beautifully, there can’t really be any more negative surprises.

The citrus fruits are beautifully captured and balanced, never too acidic, never too tart, too sweet or too fruity, but very coherent and harmonious. Cannabis brings greenish-herbal notes into play, while orange blossom and mimosa lend the creation creamy-sweet facets.

Pepper and ginger add a subtle spiciness. Warm and powdery-soft nuances are added at the end, bringing the extrait de parfum to a wonderful close. However, the citrus fruits are still clearly perceptible in the base and run like a golden thread through the composition.

Fugazzi - Nocologne

Nocologne by Fugazzi is a fragrance that is reminiscent of a cologne, but is not one. The name of the creation definitely applies here. The Hesperides are very powerful and long-lasting, without appearing exaggerated or too opulent in any way. The fragrance is modern, fruity, fresh, citrusy and, despite its expressiveness and intensity, has a rather medium presence. The durability is above average. Perfect for all those who love citrus fruit compositions, but for whom a classic cologne evaporates too quickly. Super beautiful, super fruity and super summery! 🍋🍊


We are giving away the following treasure from Fugazzi, for which we would like to thank the distributor Albrecht & Dill:

  • 1 x 100 ml bottle of Nocologne from Fugazzi plus 1 “I wear Nocologne” baseball cap and 1 Fugazzi luggage strap

How do you get into the lottery pot? Very simple! Leave us a comment below this article by Sunday, December 3, 2023. On Monday, 04.12.2023, we will inform the lucky winner by e-mail.

You can find the conditions of participation here.

We wish you good luck 🙂

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