Cloud Collection No. 4 by Zarkoperfume – In a gold rush

Just before Christmas, Danish label Zarkoperfume presents us – yes, you’re reading correctly! It’s almost that time again 🎄 – the Eau de Parfum Cloud Collection No. 4, a fragrance with a noble golden shimmer and what could be better suited to the most festive time of the year? Because now is the season in which gold is the colour of choice – even for those who are rather sceptical about the precious metal – best combined with fir green and a Christmassy red. Zarkoperfume dispenses with the latter two colours and instead concentrates entirely on the finest gold molecules.

Zarkoperfume - Cloud Collection No. 4
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Particularly enchanting – Cloud Collection

The Cloud Collection is characterized by the special feature that you are not only spoiled with a wonderful fragrance and a great bottle, but you also get another visual highlight, because the perfume itself is the eye-catcher here. The liquid of the first three creations in this collection – No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 – consisted of two phases, an aqueous and an oily one.

At rest, the two phases were separated from each other; before applying the fragrance, the user was required to shake the bottle thoroughly to combine the two components. No. 1 was dipped in a beautifully warm amber colour, while No. 2 with its clear blue tone was meant to be reminiscent of a glacial lake. No. 3, on the other hand, was grass green and transparent, but became milky when shaken.

And now the Cloud Collection No. 4, which consists of only one phase, but has been provided with festive gold dust, which is distributed in the glass through movement. We know this from a snow globe, only here with gold molecules instead of artificial snowflakes.

Zarkoperfume - Cloud Collection No. 4

Perfumer Zarko Ahlmann Pavlov used the ingredients blackberry, floral notes, orange blossom, black tea, vanilla, cashmere wood and sandalwood for the eau de parfum with its visual focus on shimmering gold. I have a small sample here, and you can also see fine, golden streaks in it, not as pronounced as in the whole bottle of course, but still quite pretty to look at.

Dipped in gold – Cloud Collection No. 4

In the opening of Cloud Collection No. 4, sweet and tart berry notes meet creamy and sweet floral nuances that are delicately powdery and – despite a certain presence – airy. I notice light woods early on in the fragrance, very soft and gentle, accompanied by creamy, fruity orange blossom.

The eau de parfum is summery and sunny, warm, subtle and fruity-floral, yet always radiating this molecular transparency. Lovely vanilla refines the composition as it progresses, while sandalwood and cashmere wood intensify the velvety and powdery-soft aspects of the creation. The eau de parfum gradually fades away with delicate, warm and spicy notes.

Zarkoperfume - Cloud Collection No. 4

Cloud Collection No. 4 by Zarkoperfume is a soft and sunny mix of flowers and fruits, very airy, powdery-creamy and accompanied by a spicy-velvety warmth. Especially in the cosy, soft finish, I feel that the gold molecules are particularly well reflected here, which for me go hand in hand with a certain festivity and feel-good atmosphere. Overall, a beautiful, fruity-floral composition that I would personally classify as more feminine, which is suitable for every day and office use and has good longevity, even if the fragrance tends to be sniffable close to the skin after several hours. An absolute must-try, if not a must-have, for fans of molecular fragrances, Zarkoperfume and glittering gold.

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