06, Tropical Dance and Desert Dusk by Rhizome – All’s well that ends well

To conclude our Rhizome trifecta, I would like to introduce you to the three eaux de parfum 06, Tropical Dance and Desert Dusk. In my last two posts, I already presented you the numbers 01 to 05, which you are welcome to read about here and here.

Rhizome scents

Why six of the fragrances are numbered, and the label then suddenly deviated from this line and assigned names instead of numbers, I could not find out so far, unfortunately. The look of the labels has also changed slightly: The brand name is smaller, the fragrance name is in serif font.

06 – Rhizome

The number 06 of Rhizome is announced as “awakening of nature”, as “the ideal companion for warmer days”. The brand previously liked to launch fragrances that carried a certain freshness. To what extent this freshness is reflected in 06 – and if at all – we will find out shortly. At least it is not explicitly mentioned.

The fragrance notes are amber, bergamot, iris, elemi resin, myrrh and musk. A manageable number, and I would almost guess that the powdery facets of iris are at the centre of the composition here.

Rhizome - 06

First, the delicate, tart freshness (there you have it!) of the bergamot in the opening of 06 has a seductive rendezvous with the warm accents of ambergris. Soon the first powder notes emerge. The iris enters the olfactory stage and fills it with all its splendour and beauty. Warm, comforting and simply beautiful is 06. The creamy and subtle earthy nuances of iris are underpinned by the finest musk powder and sweet-spicy myrrh, which skilfully showcase their noble and elegant facets. For all fans of iris and soft powdery fragrances a must-try!

Tropical Dance – Tropical Dance

I am a friend of perfumes with names, because so often you get a certain premonition, what the fragrance might actually be about. When I think of Tropical Dance, I think of the South Seas, exotic fruits and flowers, turquoise sea and white sandy beaches under palm trees. Does the fragrance reflect that?

“Tropical Dance is pure rhythm and a dance of joy on a tropical island. This fragrance was inspired by the delicious sweetness of fruits and rich resins from tropical nature.” Bourbon vanilla, candied orange, patchouli, cedar, cashmere wood, woods, ambergris and Musk are the ingredients of Tropical Dance by Rhizome.

Rhizomes - Tropical Dance

The opening of Tropical Dance is dominated by the beguiling and dark spice nuances of the finest bourbon vanilla and caramel orange notes, which are soon joined by earthy creamy patchouli and clean sweet cedar wood. Do I see myself in the South Seas doing a tropical dance? Not really. More like in the cooler months, snuggled up on the sofa. Woods, amber and musk emphasize the soothing and warm atmosphere of the creation, which is very elegant, radiant and transparent. Perfect for all fans of warm, ambery cuddly scents.

Desert Dusk – Rhizome

The last fragrance by Rhizome for now is called Desert Dusk. A mysterious name that I first have to let sink in. I think it’s good, precisely because of its mystical-looking dynamics. The word dusk refers to the evening twilight. The heat of the day gives way, it becomes cool, cold. The moon is shining, otherwise it is dark. No lights. Here and there is a noise that I can’t place. Mysterious, enigmatic and gloomy is my idea of a night in the desert. Does this also apply to Desert Dusk?

The fragrance notes do sound quite mysterious: bergamot, clary sage, eucalyptus, gardenia, nagarmotha, patchouli, cedarwood, sandalwood, vetiver, amber and pepper. A wild mixture and I’m curious how it all works and fits together at sniffing.

Rhizome - Desert Dusk

Fresh, green and incredibly cool is the opening of Desert Dusk, in which the top notes of bergamot, clary sage and especially the eucalyptus seem to have a fling. A lush pepper spiciness provides dry nuances that underscore the mentholated coolness of the opening. Nagarmotha and patchouli bring earthy-woody elements into play, while cedar and sandal add a bit of warmth and sweetness to the fragrance. The bergamot is perceptible far into the course of the fragrance. In the finish, vetiver and pepper provide cool spicy accents.

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