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A few weeks ago, the distributor Albrecht & Dill surprised me with a package of a special kind: two fragrances by the London niche fragrance brand Thameen were in it, namely Patiala and Blue Heart. Many thanks to Albrecht & Dill for this wonderful surprise!

The Thameen brand has been available at Aus Liebe zum Duft for a few months, but has not yet been featured here in the Duft-Tagebuch. I would like to make up for that today and present you the two fragrance treasures with the evocative names Patiala and Blue Heart. Who of you has been able to sniff one of the Extraits de Parfum so far?

Thameen - Treasure Collection

Short and sweet: Thameen

Alone from the look and feel, the outer packaging and bottle make an extremely high-quality impression. The box is beautiful to look at and in matte dark blue, with subtle raised shiny arabesques, plus the gold-coloured lettering. Inside the box lined with a velvety fabric lies the bottle. Made of dark blue glass, with black lid and also decorated with a golden writing. Wonderful and incredibly classy.

The brand was founded by Basel Bin Jabr in 2013 as a tribute to his father, who was also professionally based in the fragrance business and had a significant influence on his son’s love of perfumes and fine fragrances. The Arabic word Thameen translates as “noble” or “precious” and thus also recalls Bin Jabr’s father, who called the choicest oils of beguiling roses “precious jewels”. Of course, Thameen’s creations revolve around just that: jewels, gems and precious stones.

At Aus Liebe zum Duft, you’ll find two lines from the brand: the Sovereign Collection and the Treasure Collection. The former revolves around the crown jewels of the British royal family, which is certainly due to the location of the brand, namely London. The second line takes an olfactory look at international treasures and thus brings us closer not only to very different countries, but also to various pieces of jewelry and precious stones. Both Extraits de Parfum, which I would like to present to you today, come from the latter Treasure Collection.

Thameen - Patiala
Patiala from Facebook

Patiala – the necklace of the yellow diamond

Under the term Patiala you can find so some information. All lead to India, the very country to which the fragrance Patiala also takes us. The piece of jewelry that served as inspiration for the Extrait de Parfum was a necklace made by Cartier in 1928 of nearly 3000 diamonds, in the centre of which was emblazoned “one of the largest yellow diamonds in the world.” The precious and opulent necklace was commissioned by the Maharaja of Patiala, a north Indian Sikh prince who ruled from 1911 until his death in 1938.

Maharaja Bhupinder Singh was a man who loved an extravagant life as much as he loved playing cricket. About ten years after his death, the necklace was stolen from the palace and individual stones did not reappear until almost forty years later, in the early 1980s, at an auction. In the late 1990s, more pieces of the necklace were discovered at a London second-hand jeweller. But the famous big yellow diamond remained missing.

Like the beautiful necklace it is named after, this fragrance is a manifestation of true craftsmanship. Warmth and elegance are at the heart of this fragrance. Orange blossom effortlessly complements a rich and velvety rose on a musk base.

Thameen - Patiala
Patiala from Facebook

I still owe you the fragrance notes of the Extrait de Parfum: geranium, aldehydes, orange blossom, rose, patchouli, moss, amber and musk.

The scent of the necklace – Patiala

Patiala starts out wonderfully powdery and with the elusive fruity peach notes of aldehydes and the soft green freshness of geranium. Orange blossom sneaks in and provides creamy floral aspects, accompanied by delicate and lovely rose nuances. Very bright, transparent, yet present is the extrait de parfum, dreamy, romantic and carefree.

Gradually, the subtle earthy facets of patchouli emerge, underpinned by the subtle forest notes of moss, giving the creation a certain depth and grounding. As before, however, the fragrance remains very airy and characterized by an iridescent powderiness throughout the course.

Thameen - Patiala

Patiala is a fragrance for all friends of powdery aldehyde creations, for those who are looking for a gentle and fruity-floral companion for any occasion and any season. A finely balanced extrait de parfum, incredibly round in itself, with a medium presence and good durability, which will certainly find many fans.

Blue Heart – the blue giant diamond

The Blue Heart Diamond originates from South Africa, where it was found in the early 20th century and subsequently cut into a heart shape in Paris. It was incorporated into various pieces of jewellery by renowned jewellers over the years and had various owners until it was donated to the Smithsonian Institution in the 1960s.

Not to be confused with the famous Hope Diamond, which originated in India and is about a third larger than the Blue Heart Diamond.

Blue Heart from Facebook

Fragrance notes of saffron, coconut, vanilla, iris, tonka bean, ambergris, white musk and nagarmotha are the ingredients of this fragrant tribute to one of the most impressive gems in the world.

Heart shape diamond

With the dark and leathery spicy notes of saffron, aromatic tonka bean and beguiling vanilla, Blue Heart reveals an opulent and multilayered interior right from the start. Coconut and iris provide a creamy and milky underpinning that suits the spicy opening well and soothes it a bit.

Amber and musk bring gentle powder notes into play and also give Blue Heart a fine balsamic warmth that is simply delightful. At the same time, the fragrance seems exceedingly lush, but has a rather medium presence in my eyes. So not a room filler, but still well perceivable and endowed with excellent durability, which is certainly due to the extrait form. Very slowly and gradually, Blue Heart by Thameen finally fades out with spicy-oriental notes.

Friends of saffron fragrances, of oriental creations and complex compositions of spices, iris and amber and rather lush, finely balanced fragrances should enjoy Blue Heart. An extrait de parfum that I personally would rather wear in the evening or on special occasions, but those who like to go through life more strongly scented can of course also use the creation of Thameen in the office and everyday life. In terms of season, gender, and age, I wouldn’t put any restrictions at all. Blue Heart is a wonderful composition that I will certainly apply more often. 🙂

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