Amberwood and Blonde Amber by Clive Christian – Noble Collection XXI Art Deco

Two new fragrances from the Noble Collection were recently launched by one of our favorite British labels, which stands for pure luxury like no other: Clive Christian expands with Amberwood and Blonde Amber its noble line in matte black, which also includes the fragrances Rock Rose and Cosmic Flower, which were reviewed here in the Duft-Tagebuch at the end of 2016 (read more here). We have also presented Magnolia and Immortelle here, two Noble creations that are unfortunately no longer available in the Aus Liebe zum Duft range. In our blog post on the two floral fragrances you can of course still browse here.

Clive Christian - Noble Collection - Amberwood and Blonde Amber
Amberwood and Blonde Amber by Clive Christian

The Noble Collection – admittedly not the most affordable line in Clive Christian’s portfolio – brings us closer to the past olfactorically. Using the finest raw materials and the most exquisite ingredients, the British luxury interior designer’s two Art Deco fragrances, Amberwood and Blonde Amber, represent the very style that was influential in architecture and design from the beginning of the 20th century until the 1940s, replacing Art Nouveau and continuing and perfecting its opulent and sometimes decadent stylistic devices.

Amberwood – Noble Collection

So it should be quite lush with two fragrances that revolve around the era of Art Deco, which experienced its peak especially in the 1920s. A time that, more than any other, stood for a dissolute party life, for lots of gold and glamour, and for extravagance and excess.

As usual, Clive Christian thinks big when it comes to the number and quality of the fragrances he uses. Sage, bergamot, pink pepper, angelica (angelica), patchouli, woods, musk, tobacco, ambroxan, tonka bean, nagarmotha, vanilla, cashmere wood, iris, labdanum (cistus) and agarwood (oud) are the ingredients of Amberwood, with which the British fragrance house pays olfactory homage to Art Deco.

Clive Christian - Amberwood
Amberwood from Facebook

Inspired by the Art Deco era, soft amber meets woody notes and tangy bergamot.

Scent of decadence

In the opening of Amberwood, the greenish tartness of bergamot, with its sparkling citrus nuances, is clearly perceptible. Sage and angelica can also be sniffed out, which underline the color notes of bergamot, breathing additional herbaceous facets into them. Early in the course of the fragrance – actually from the beginning – the honey-like sweetness of the tobacco appears in the background, gradually joined by resinous-balsamic and extremely pleasant accents.

Amberwood seems a bit boozy, as if a hint of sweet liqueur resonates in the fragrance melange. A shot of Spanish vanilla liqueur, for instance. Very warm, lush and present, yet always well-dosed is the creation, creamy, sweet and spicy. A fragrance to immerse yourself, let yourself fall and enjoy. Finishing a bit darker, becoming gently earthy and woody thanks to agarwood, labdanum and nagarmotha, the creation finally ends cotton-soft-powdery and cozy.

Clive Christian - Amberwood
Amberwood by Clive Christian

Amberwood from the Noble Collection by Clive Christian is an exceptionally beautiful fragrance. Sweet tobacco leaves meet warm woods, balsamic resins and the finest spices, accented by tangy tart bergamot and greenish sage, which give the creation a touch of lightness. Perfect for cooler days, but also quite wearable in summer. A creation that is just as suitable for going out as for any other evening, Amberwood is certainly not wrong for the office and everyday life. The presence I would classify as medium, the durability is not exuberant, but even after several hours, the scent is still perceptible on the skin. My conclusion: Top!

Blonde Amber – Fragrant Art Deco

The second newcomer to the Noble Collection is Blonde Amber, also a fragrance that references tobacco. Since this ingredient has already shown itself quite clearly in Amberwood, I am curious to see how Clive Christian now introduces and implements the tobacco leaves.

The composition shows similarities to Amberwood, but also striking differences. First, more fragrance notes are in use, flowers and more fruits come as well, but fewer woods are involved. Pink pepper, bitter orange, ginger, incense, rum, bergamot, grapefruit, cardamom, tobacco, iris, sandalwood, jasmine, saffron, osmanthus, dried fruit, tuberose, vetiver, labdanum (cistus), myrrh, patchouli, musk, cedar, vanilla and Tonka bean… Clive Christian, as usual, does it in style.

Clive Christian - Blonde Amber
Blonde Amber from Facebook

A romantic and dynamic story from the Art Deco period is brought to life in a pure perfume delight.

Noblesse oblige

Spicy and fresh, Blonde Amber starts the fragrance course, underpinned by lightly liqueur notes. The citrus is perceptible but restrained. Frankincense gives the creation delicate smoky nuances that combine with the subtle spiciness of pepper and ginger. The tobacco reveals aromatic facets that are sweet but less honeyed, merging with dark saffron and warm sandalwood.

Osmanthus and the dried fruits – preserved in hard liquor, of course – give the fragrance delicate fruity aspects, while the tuberose along with jasmine and iris provide creamy, beguiling floral underpinnings. With smoky-woody and spicy notes, Blonde Amber fades very slowly.

Clive Christian - Blonde Amber
Blonde Amber by Clive Christian

Blonde Amber by Clive Christian wants a lot and implements it incredibly coherently. It is a fragrance that does not compromise. Lush, present and complex, very finely balanced and masterfully composed. A warm, spicy, fruity creation with definite creamy floral involvement that seems perfect for the cooler months of the year, but is so beautiful I would wear it year round. The sillage is good, the durability as well. A fragrance that will certainly find many friends and that I can only recommend to you. 🙂 Have you already been able to test both creations? Which one was your favorite?

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