Almaz and Faris by Kajal Perfumes Paris – Of Diamonds and Knights

In the social media, Almaz and Faris, the two new fragrances from the house of Kajal Perfumes Paris, I have already encountered several times. Now we also present you the two Eaux de Parfum here in the Duft-Tagebuch. The Kajal brand has already been talked about extensively on this medium, which is why I don’t want to say too many words about it, but would prefer to jump right into the reviewing action.

Kajal Perfumes Paris - Almaz
Almaz from Facebook

Founded in 2014 and based in Paris, the Kajal Perfumes Paris brand represents the love of luxury fragrances. Mohammad “Moe” Khalaf and Ibrahim Faris own the label, whose range now includes three collections and sixteen fragrance compositions. A handsome number and except for the Eaux de Parfum reviewed today, all creations have already been presented here in the Duft-Tagebuch. In any case, the beautiful appearance of the bottles, their star-shaped and lavishly decorated lids and magnificent outer packaging is remarkable. Here you can see the attention to detail and also luxury. 😉

Almaz – fragrant diamond

Our first kajal today is Almaz, composed by perfumer Rania Jouaneh, which combines the fragrance notes of bergamot, blackcurrant, spices, raspberry, floral notes, heliotrope, musk, woods, vanilla, amber and sugar. The creation belongs to the Classic Collection and deals with a jewel of a special kind: the diamond. Almaz, the Arabic word for the hardest mineral in the world, is also a beautiful girl’s name and the title of a song by soul singer Randy Crawford.

Almaz, the Arabic name for diamond, is known not only for its sublime beauty, but also for its timelessness, withstanding millions of years of immense pressure to come into being.

Kajal Perfumes Paris - Almaz
Almaz from Facebook

Almaz – enchanting beauty

Diamonds are attractive and coveted, there is no question about that. I wonder how this is reflected in the eau de parfum called Almaz? In any case, the creation by Kajal Perfumes Paris opens with lush fruity nuances. Blackcurrants meet juicy raspberries, refreshed by a splash of bergamot. This is a successful and summery-fruity prelude to my taste.

Soon, powdery florals creep in, underscoring the sweetness of the scent, softening its initially sometimes gentle sourness. Heliotrope flashes its typical vanilla facets, in which the berries seem all too comfortable. Almaz appears like a fragrant dessert of red fruits and vanilla cream, lovely, summery and simply delicious.

Gradually, warm-woody nuances push their way into the berry-powdery melange. Musk and amber provide a soothing atmosphere in the conclusion of the creation, underlined by crystalline sugar and the finest vanilla.

Kajal Perfumes Paris - Almaz

Almaz is a fragrance for friends of berries, of powdery-creamy compositions with clear fruit and vanilla involvement. A lovely and sometimes romantically playful eau de parfum that literally calls for summer. Very sweet, beguiling and seductive, Almaz by Kajal Perfumes Paris is a real olfactory treat for those who love raspberries and currants and prefer lush fragrances with a good presence and excellent durability. A unisex fragrance for any occasion that is exceptional and beautiful.

Faris – the noble knight

Faris is not only the last name of the co-founder of Kajal Perfumes Paris, but also the Arabic word for “knight”. Fittingly – resembling a knight’s armor – the Eau de Parfum is also dressed in metallic silver, a color that for Moe Khalaf “embodies the definition of strength, respect and courage.” Qualities that are also represented by the knight.

Faris perfectly embodies the basic character traits of a brave and noble knight. Faris is a male name of Arabic origin meaning knight, that is, someone who behaves with impeccable etiquette yet shows courage, honor and loyalty.

Kajal Perfumes Paris - Faris

Two perfumers were responsible for the creation of Faris: the Swiss Urs Castelleti and the French David Chieze. They created the fragrance from the ingredients bergamot, lemon, orange, juniper berries, lavender, apple, coriander, clove, nutmeg, rose, jasmine, vetiver, patchouli, sandalwood, tonka bean and amber.

Faris – bold and brave

Faris starts the fragrance with refreshing, citrusy notes. Very cool and indeed a little metallic in appearance, the attack is underpinned by the tingling woodland nuances of juniper berries and herbaceous lavender. Spices soon join in, giving the eau de parfum additional aromatic freshness. A masculine and distinctive blend that reminds me of aftershave and barbershops.

A hint of floral sweetness resonates in the background of the creation, as well as soapy rose notes that fit perfectly into the fragrance. All in all, however, the scent remains on the tart and fougère side of power. Patchouli and vetiver show up earthy, rooty and cool, while tonka bean finally adds a pinch of green spice to the creation.

Faris can definitely be seen as a masculine counterpart to Almaz, as the eau de parfum is woody, earthy, herbaceous, aromatic and carries distinct barbershop vibes. A fragrance that seems classic, but has an exceedingly modern effect. Elegant, stylish and refined, Faris by Kajal Perfumes Paris has the “impeccable etiquette” of a contemporary knight. Provided with a medium to strong presence and exceptional durability, the creation is perfect for daily life, leisure and also office. An all-rounder that can be worn without seasonal restrictions and is also not tied to any particular age. For friends of classic, fine and timeless men’s fragrances with fougère character! 🙂

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