Dancing Light by Olfactive Studio – reflection of the polar light

Dancing Light is a fragrance by Olfactive Studio, that revolves around the unique and mesmerizing beauty of the aurora borealis. Special thanks here to Vincent Spies of Isis Parfums Diffusion, the distributor of Olfactive Studio, who kindly sent me a bottle of the fragrance. What a wonderful surprise! Many thanks for this! 🙂

Aurora Borealis - Dancing Light

Dancing Light – Olfactive Studio

When mentioning auroras, I always think of the term northern lights – also known as aurora borealis in technical jargon – although this luminous phenomenon in the night sky also exists in the Southern Hemisphere. Here, of course, we speak of the southern lights or the aurora australis. But Dancing Light by Olfactive Studio actually and explicitly takes us to the northern aurora, because Norway is our destination.

You may remember from previous posts about the brand that Olfactive Studio always combines the olfactory with the visual in its fragrance compositions and likes to include nature in the focus of a creation. Thus, in addition to the Northern Lights, the photographer of them – namely Frøydis Dalheim – and the perfumer Sidonie Lancesseur, whom we already know from Lumière Blanche, among others, are at the center of Dancing Light. But the Frenchwoman has also worked for Amouage, Kilian, Frapin, Jul et Mad and many other niche fragrance labels. Frøydis Dalheim, the photographer of Northern Lights, is based in northern Norway and again combines the art of photography with music. For all who want to see the wonderful pictures of the young Norwegian, I link you here her homepage.

The photograph adorning the case of the bottle was taken by Norwegian artist Frøydis Dalheim. It has made the landscapes of the North its accomplices. Her personal theater, where she can also be an eternally enthusiastic spectator.

Olfactive Studio - Dancing Light

Perfumer Sidonie Lancesseur chose for Dancing Light the ingredients mint, cardamom, fig, pink pepper, pine, jasmine, neroli, lilac, freesia, lavender, sandalwood, cedar, musk and moss. The scent is meant to capture the icy chill of the north and combine it with fresh, vibrant greenery, plus a touch of warmth.

Fragrant northern lights

The menthol-like coolness of mint refreshes the opening of Dancing Light, creating subtly frosty hints that are underscored by the aromatic spicy nuances of cardamom. The fig brings bright, almost milky-woody notes into play, which are soon joined in an extremely harmonious way by a beguiling white flower bouquet of jasmine, neroli and lilac. Jasmine adds creamy accents, while neroli provides a delicate hint of orange. The subtly aquatic facets of lilac flow around the floral bouquet.

Very airy and light, yet present, the eau de parfum shows itself, fascinating and enigmatic at the same time. Lavender adds a subtle herbaceous tartness to the creation that gradually flows into the fragrance, paving the way into the base of Dancing Light. Slowly, the composition becomes warmer thanks to the velvety nuances of sandalwood, which combines with the clean clarity of cedar and fine-earthy musk powder.

Olfactive Studio - Dancing Light

Dancing Light by Olfactive Studio is an eau de parfum that seems to swing back and forth between green freshness, bright florals and soft clean woody accords, perfectly translating the flowing movements of the aurora borealis. The scent reflects the coolness of the north as well as the fascinating color of the sky spectacle. In the distance, a warming campfire lights up the darkness of the seemingly endless winter night at the Arctic Circle.

Dancing Light is an olfactory and visual tribute to a unique light artwork that nature offers us in some regions of the world. Just as enchanting and captivating as Frøydis Dahlheim’s wonderful paintings is Sidonie Lancesseur’s creation. Green, powdery, beguiling, floral, woody, clean … Dancing Light is like an olfactory dance in the fragrant firmament.

Airy, transparent and barely tangible as the northern lights themselves, with a light to medium presence and good durability, the Eau de Parfum by Olfactive Studio is a perfect companion for the warmer season, which makes a good figure in everyday life, office and leisure as well as going out in the evening. I, for one, am over the moon with the fragrance and can only warmly recommend this wonderful creation to you. 🙂

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