Deified – Tony Iommi’s place in the Xerjoff Olympus

Tony Iommi and Xerjoff have done it again. After Tony Iommi Monkey Special, which I introduced to you in April 2022 — Tony Iommi and Xerjoff: How does darkness smell? — there is now another creation with the name Tony Iommi – Deified. Into the spheres of the divine!

According to the press release, the fragrance will reportedly be launched with a song of the same name. However, I have not yet been able to find it. Feel free to write me in the comments if you’ve spotted it somewhere. I will be happy to add it here in case it is published later. As a consolation, you will find a great live video of Black Sabbath at the end of the article.

I don’t need to say anything more about Tony Iommi. The grand master of epic, sluggish riffs and co-inventor of heavy metal deservedly enjoys cult status. But his path as a guitarist was not an easy one. As a 17-year-old, he had an accident at work and lost two fingertips, but this did not prevent him from becoming one of the most respected representatives of his trade.

Part of his story is the aforementioned Tony Iommi Monkey Special, which led to the follow-up creation thanks to its success. Deified is an entirely appropriate title for the second part of Xerjoff’s homage to Iommi. After the first part, which fascinated me with fruity, liqueur-sweet, spicy and leathery notes — passion fruit and rum — I am of course looking forward to the continuation of the fragrance saga.

Deified — Monumental riff with leather

First of all, this is not a variant of Tony Iommi Monkey, but an independent creation, but with parallels to the first fragrance. What is similar? There is a sweet fruit component in both and both contain leather and patchouli. Both could be said to have an excessively hedonistic character.

You have to get it on your skin to fully savor the apple-spice combination at the start. Have any of you ever smelled a natural apple note in a perfume? Not me. And that is also the case here. Not an apple from an organic farm, grown on Mother Nature’s bosom. No, a beautifully squeaky-bright Granny Smith-colored synthetic apple, which — and I think this is important — is picked up so well by the spices cinnamon and saffron that even sceptics of this fragrant fruit can easily go along with it. After a short time, a fruity and pleasantly fresh touch simply remains.

A wonderfully soft leather is present right from the start and is even more pronounced this time. Forgive me for always having to dig out my favorites Tuscan Leather and Godolphin when it comes to leather, but this is just such a sweet, delicate leather. It is carried by saffron spice, osmanthus is referred to in the text, but rose is only mentioned in the fragrance notes. Since the floral component is powdery, I opt for rose, which appears stronger on the skin as it progresses. Yes, definitely rose. The base takes a back seat and carries the preceding notes in a woody, restrained and relatively silent manner, which definitely serves the purpose.

There’s no heavy metal scent to hit the nose with Deified either. Like its predecessor, the after-show parties and other pleasures in the life of a rock star may have been the inspiration for the fragrance. But you don’t have to be a pure leather fan to appreciate the fragrance. It is so multi-layered and multi-faceted that it is sure to find a broad following.

The notes of Tony Iommi – Deified

Top notes: saffron, cinnamon, apple
Heart notes: leather, rose
Base notes: papyrus, patchouli, moss, musk

The promised music should not be missing at the end. Tony Iommi in full action. Oh yes, dear Sergio Momo, all good things come in threes. We want more! We want more!

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