Mahina, Kaya and Amalaya by Parfums d’Elmar – About the moon, happiness and white flowers

In the second part of Parfums d’Elmar, we look at the three extraits de parfum Mahina, Kaya and Amalaya, after I presented the two creations Dalika and Yara to you yesterday in my article Parfums d’Elmar – The New Sensual Collection. After yesterday’s compositions have already set the bar really high, I’m curious to see how the other three fragrances will turn out today. My prediction is that they will once again be sumptuous, luxurious and beautiful! I’m already very curious and will therefore start sniffing right away without further ado. 😃

Parfums d'Elmar - Mahina

Mahina – Hesperides moon

The female first name Mahina comes from the Hawaiian language and, according to Wikipedia, means light or moon. And so the press release also refers to the orbiting celestial body, whose light illuminates the silvery night. “The tingling energy of the blood moon. The energy of the very special blood moon, which only occurs twice a year.”

The specification of the blood moon, that glowing deep red moon that can be seen ghostly in the black firmament, is probably due to one of the ingredients that also has the prefix blood-. In Mahina, blood orange is combined with lemon, mandarin, peony, jasmine, musk and woods, which immediately makes me think of a summery, tangy composition.

Once again, I would like to remind you that the perfumers behind Parfums d’Elmar’s creations are none other than Mark Buxton and Christian Carbonnel aka Chris Maurice. Both have been in the perfume business for many years and have developed some well-known and extremely popular creations. Buxton has worked for Comme des Garçons, biehl parfumkunstwerke, Le Labo, Van Cleef & Arpels, but also for Givenchy, Versace, Paco Rabanne, Lagerfeld, Burberry, Cartier and Chopard. He is responsible for countless fragrances, all of them beautifully composed. Christian Carbonnel comes from a Spanish dynasty of perfumers and has worked for Xerjoff, Sospiro, Casamorati, Nishane, Fragrance Du Bois, Masque Milano, Zoologist, Santi Burgas and Jardin de France.

Parfums d'Elmar - Mahina

The opening of Mahina is sparklingly fresh and wonderfully citrusy, immediately revealing wonderfully summery and revitalizing nuances. The distinctive notes of blood orange, the subtle tartness, the tart fruitiness, stand out here and are incredibly authentic and natural. The various citrus fruits form an extremely coherent and harmonious blend, with blood orange at the olfactory center. Peony and jasmine underline the hesperides with creamy, flowing and subtly sweet floral accents, soothing the sparkling freshness of the opening in a wonderful way. Light woods and the finest musk powder skilfully round off the composition and ensure longevity and a cozy atmosphere at the end.

Mahina is summer to spray on! A wonderful hesperide fragrance that revolves around a really great blood orange note, surrounded by creamy, lovely flowers and bedded on powdery woods. Perfect for anyone still looking for a suitable creation for the current (and hopefully soon warmer) season, with a good presence and excellent durability. For me in summer and on warmer days in spring and fall, it’s definitely a go-to that I would wear on any occasion. Absolutely recommended for all fans of citrus fruits and tangy-fresh creations with a guaranteed good mood! 🍊🍋

Kaya – Happy cuddling

So far, the creations in the Sensual Collection from Parfums d’Elmar have had female first names and Kaya also sounds very much like one to me. However, the brand itself proclaims the following: “Kaya stands for happiness, the irresistible, addictive cuddly fragrance close to the body. An incredibly sensual dash of provocation.” However, the first name Kaya does not mean luck, but rather, according to Wikipedia, rock, cliff or fruit and perfume, depending on whether the name comes from Turkish or Japanese. But even if it’s not entirely clear how Parfums d’Elmar came up with Kaya, what I can tell you for sure are the fragrance notes: Bergamot, apple, raspberry, jasmine, white flowers, patchouli, ambroxan, vanilla, tonka bean, rum, ambergris and woods.

Parfums d'Elmar - Kaya

Kaya begins wonderfully fruity, with boozy undertones that soon flow into the most wonderful tonka bean nuances. Velvety, smooth, with hints of coumarin and delicious vanilla speckles, the black spice shows its most beautiful, sensual and seductive side. I would love to lie down in the fragrance, I think it is so beautiful. The white bloomers seem to feel the same way, because they too are spellbound with awe and hold back olfactorily. They underline the tonka bean in a gentle, flowing way and provide a light creaminess that blends harmoniously into the fragrance. A hint of bitter almond pervades the composition and the liqueur-like nuances of rum are still perceptible before Kaya slowly settles on a soft and cuddly bed of fluffy ambroxan, warm ambergris and velvety woods.

I think you could tell from my words: I am very enthusiastic about this wonderful tonka bean creation, which is so marvellously ambery, warm, spicy, creamy and soft that it makes you want to snuggle up to it. Parfums d’Elmar has not promised too much. Kaya is a creation for all fans of tonka bean, for all those who love boozy spice fragrances with a high cuddle factor. I’m happy to admit that it’s my favourite in the collection so far, and I can only recommend it to anyone who is as addicted to the tonka bean and its wonderful scent as I am! 💜

Amalaya – Bright flower magic

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you anything about the name Amalaya, because in my research I only found one winery with the same name. However, the extrait de parfum has nothing to do with grape juice, as Amalaya is “a fresh, clean, white floral enchantment, enveloped in creamy amyris sandalwood. The symbolism of white reflects the purity and magic of this fragrance experience. The perfume is a fabulously tantalizing potion, a rebellious concentrate that captures the imagination.” The ingredients of our third candidate today are bergamot, cinnamon, amyris, ylang-ylang, jasmine, violet, patchouli, moss, sandalwood, vetiver, musk and ambroxan.

Parfums d'Elmar - Amalaya

Amalaya starts clean and fresh thanks to tart bergamot, delicate cinnamon and the velvety nuances of amyris, which are soon surrounded by bright flowers. The milky, tropical accents of ylang-ylang combine with creamy jasmine and powdery violet to create a beautiful floral bouquet that is very elegant and – despite its rather transparent nature – wonderfully sophisticated. Warm sandalwood underscores the cozy mood of this composition, accompanied by the woody, creamy and subtly earthy notes of patchouli, moss and vetiver. In the finish, musk and ambroxan provide an extra portion of fluffiness and softness before the fragrance gradually fades away.

Amalaya is a beautifully bright, soft and creamy-powdery floral fragrance that is airy, light and summery with excellent presence and longevity. Ideal for those who prefer soft, calm and relaxed creations with the finest white floral creaminess that are not overly sweet. Wearable all year round and for any occasion. A really well-composed extrait de parfum that rounds off this sensual collection perfectly. 🧡

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