Parfums d’Elmar – The new Sensual Collection

The brand Parfums d’Elmar is brand new here in the Duft-Tagebuch, but not in our online store Aus Liebe zum Duft. There are now ten extraits de parfum here, five of which I would like to present to you in this and the next article. The five fragrance compositions Dalika, Yara, Mahina, Kaya and Amalaya are part of the newly launched Sensual Collection, which I hope will warm my body and soul during these cold snap days.

Parfums d'Elmar - Sensual Collection

Parfums d’Elmar – Swiss perfection

Parfums d’Elmar was founded by the Swiss Elmar Métry, who was able to fulfill a long-cherished dream with the brand. The look already gives it away: Parfums d’Elmar stands for opulence and luxury, which is why the creations are also in the high-price segment. In return, the fragrances are particularly long-lasting compositions with a perfume oil concentration of 35% – created in Italy from the finest ingredients – which have been developed in collaboration with master perfumers: Mark Buxton and Christian Carbonnel, who now works under the name Chris Maurice, are mentioned in the press release.

Parfums d’Elmar describes itself as an “experience between elegance and luxury” and this is also reflected in the bottles and the label’s logo. The crystal flacons are topped with high-quality gold-colored caps and the majestic logo is the Métrys family crest. It all seems almost oriental and ostentatious, and I suspect that the fragrances themselves will also be quite opulent.

Dalika – Fragrant star

The female first name Dalika comes from Thailand and means something like star. And so the eponymous fragrance from Parfums d’Elmar hopefully shines like a bright star in the fragrant firmament. At least the ingredients give hope for a really great creation: Peach, tonka bean, nut, caramel, gourmand notes, vanilla, patchouli, almond, sandalwood, vetiver, musk, cocoa, chocolate and rum, that sounds like a delicious, gourmand-spicy extrait de parfum. “Dalika, the brightest star, sparkles green and guides (…) through the mysterious, secretive night,” announces the press release. For me, Dalika is allowed to sparkle during the day and guide me through this wet, cold day. That’s all I need, just a little warmth, even if it’s only of an olfactory nature.

Parfums d'Elmar - Dalika

Oh yes! Dalika is doing a good job! The vanilla-like coumarin notes of tonka bean meet roasted nuts and creamy caramel in the opening of the creation, accompanied by earthy, woody patchouli and dark bitter chocolate. This is a feast for the senses, accompanied by liqueur-like, peaty rum. Wonderfully spicy, woody and, despite its presence, rather transparent and airy, which I really like. I only perceive the peach selectively as a fruity, light and velvety highlight that flashes out of the composition here and there. Dalika is not a sugary-sweet, flat gourmand bouquet, but a profound, multi-layered and extremely complex composition in which balsamic-ambery sandalwood and the rooty coolness of vetiver gradually spread out. Powdery-creamy accents are also added at the end. Splendid!

Dalika by Parfums d’Elmar is a rather dark, spicy and gourmand woody fragrance that combines tart chocolate notes with noble spices, roasted nuts and creamy, ambery woods to create an extremely exciting blend. Perfect for anyone who loves multi-faceted spice fragrances and gourmands that are not overly sweet. In my opinion, it is more of a creation for cooler days and the cold season, which I would prefer to wear in the evening or in my free time. Personally, the fragrance would be a little too rich for the office, but – as always – whatever you like is allowed. All in all, a wonderful start to this sensual collection that makes me incredibly curious about everything that is yet to come. 💚

Yara – Timeless and mysterious

Yara is also a first name, this time of Persian origin and meaning “the courageous, the powerful“. And so it comes as no surprise that the press release states: “Yara is strength and courage, a noble leather, timelessly new and mysteriously interpreted.” A leather fragrance, an olfactory femme fatale full of sexiness and eroticism. The ingredients saffron, pink pepper, bergamot, jasmine, tonka bean, rose, leather, cedarwood, vetiver, ambergris and musk sound quite tempting, and I am really pleased that the oud, which is so often used in fragrance compositions, is not used here, even if the saffron certainly adds a few medicinal and spicy facets to the olfactory game. I am hoping for a beautiful spicy leather rose that seduces, beguiles and enchants in the spirit of the Sensual Collection.

Parfums d'Elmar - Yara

In the opening, Yara is briefly fresh and dry thanks to tart, tangy bergamot and a gentle peppery spiciness. But soon, lovely lucid notes of delicate rose and soft jasmine nestle against dark saffron and creaky leather. The latter two ingredients underline each other in their very own and very special way. Saffron also has wonderfully leathery facets, here spicy and subtly smoky, and the two simply harmonize perfectly with each other. In combination with the creamy, soft and radiantly sweet flowers, the result is a wonderfully soft, light and flowing leather that is reminiscent of soft suede. Powdery-warm and creamy-woody nuances then skilfully and atmospherically round off the fragrance.

Yara from Parfums d’Elmar is a really great mix of spices, flowers and leather that is powerful, expressive and present, yet always stylish and elegant. Perfect for anyone looking for a spicy, dark leather fragrance with a creamy, floral finish for cooler days or fall and winter. Some may find the creation a little masculine, which I personally don’t think is the case. For me, Yara is an absolute unisex fragrance that makes a statement and impresses with its excellent longevity. Absolute test recommendation! 💙

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