Acqua di Positano by Eau d’Italie – A journey to the south

Bella Italia is on the agenda today with Acqua di PositanobyEau d’Italie. After a long period of cold weather, today is finally a really nice and sunny day here again, so it’s perfect to introduce you to such a summery and Mediterranean fragrance as the “Water of Positano”, as today’s protagonist is called in English.

Eau d'Italie - Acqua di Positano
Acqua di Positano by Eau d’Italie

Once again as a reminder …

The first Eau d’Italie fragrance was launched in 2004, bearing the same name as the brand, created by master perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour in honor of the 50th anniversary of the enchanting five-star Le Sirenuse hotel. Hotel Le Sirenuse is located in the picturesque village of Positano on the equally picturesque Amalfi Coast. Steep cliffs, densely built-up with colorful houses, narrow alleys, a bay full of boats and yachts, the water azure blue.

The saying “too good to be true” seems to apply to Positano in every respect. In the middle of the maze of houses, not far from the beach and the church of Santa Maria Assunta, is the aforementioned 5-star hotel, in whose handful of rooms well-heeled travelers can stay in style. I spontaneously think of the series “Ripley”, which I saw not so long ago and which is set not far from Positano in the equally enchanting village of Atrani. If you haven’t seen the mini-series yet, make sure you catch up! ☺️

Acqua di Positano – Eau d’Italie

Acqua di Positano is another anniversary fragrance. The brand is celebrating its 20th anniversary with the eau de parfum. In these twenty years, Eau d’Italie has sent us some olfactory treasures from the Amalfi Coast. I last presented you the fragrance Mystic Sunset in my Mediterranean-inspired review Sunny Summer Greetings, and I was absolutely thrilled with it. While the latter was a lovely, creamy and woody floral composition, Acqua di Positano is a citrusy-fresh and maritime creation based on the ingredients lemon, petitgrain, fleur de sel (sea salt), orange blossom, hedione and driftwood.

Eau d'Italie - Acqua di Positano
Acqua di Positano from Facebook

It seems like yesterday that Eau d’Italie was born on the occasion of Le Sirenuse’s 20th anniversary. However, 20 years have actually passed since that day. 20 years full of Italian joie de vivre and color. If that’s not a reason to celebrate! That is why Acqua di Positano is available as a special collection, a family within the family, created especially to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Eau d’Italie. We have come full circle: We started with Le Sirenuse and are now returning to Positano, where it all began, with our love song.

Olfactory dolce vita

Acqua di Positano is like a light breeze blowing over a lemon grove on the Amalfi Coast – after all, this is where the selected Amalfi lemons come from – in the opening. Bright, lucid and wonderfully airy, characterized by a tart, fresh and greenish-fruity hesperidic tartness and accompanied by a subtle maritime saltiness, the eau de parfum from Eau d’Italie makes the impressive and picturesque backdrop of Positano appear before my inner eye.

I can almost hear the gentle waves of the azure blue sea. Quietly and calmly, they meet steep rocks and fine sand. Hedion underlines this association with its delicate floral and molecular nuances reminiscent of aquatic magnolias, accompanied by creamy, fruity orange blossom. These in turn provide a more intense Mediterranean feeling, for lovely vacation vibes, bringing this creation full circle. The driftwood brings dry, woody accents to the base and rounds off the composition beautifully.

Eau d'Italie - Acqua di Positano

Acqua di Positano is a really great and very harmonious mix of citrus fruits, flowers, a pinch of saltiness and soft woody notes, which for me smells like a vacation by the sea, summer and sun. If you are looking for the olfactory lightness of being, if you prefer Mediterranean creations with maritime moments and the finest Hesperides freshness, if you want to find a suitable eau de parfum for the current season, I highly recommend Acqua di Positano. A creation that is elegant and light, luxurious and minimalist, modern and timeless at the same time. With this composition, Eau d’Italie has created a wonderful anniversary fragrance that is already making me look forward to the brand’s next celebration and the eau de parfum that will hopefully be launched to accompany it. Definitely try it out! It’s worth it! 💙

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