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Mother’s Day is just a few weeks away. To mark the occasion, we have once again come up with a very special promotion for you and so I would like to present my top 5 fragrances for Mother’s Day in this post. Of course, there is also a limited sample set available for this top 5 article, which is called Someone Like You. And naturally, the five compositions are not exclusively reserved for mothers, but for all fragrance-loving people who love feminine, spring-like and beautiful perfumes. 💐

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And now you can look forward to seeing which five creations I have put together for you. There are five fragrances that for me fit perfectly into the current season, which are rather airy and transparent and contain refreshing, fruity and lovely nuances. They are suitable – just like our Sample Set Someone Like You – as a gift for anyone who is particularly close to your heart and whom you would like to make happy. Of course, you can also give it to yourself. ☺️ This sample set is only available in limited numbers, so it may be worth grabbing it quickly. 💕

Eau Rose – Diptyque

The Eau de Toilette Eau Rose pays homage to the queen of flowers in a particularly beautiful way. For this creation, the cult label Diptyque combines the ingredients bergamot, blackcurrant, lychee, jasmine, geranium, Provence rose, Damask rose, Virginia cedarwood, musk and honey to create a very special rose fragrance.

Reminiscent of the finest rose water, Eau Rose is like a rose moistened with morning dew and warmed by the first rays of the day’s sun. Lucid, transparent and fresh, like a walk through a lush rose garden on an early summer morning. Simply beautiful! 🌹

Diptyque - Eau Rose

Eau Rose really does start as fresh as a cool summer morning: bright pink rose notes accompanied by citrusy-tart bergamot rejoice on my skin. Light and transparent, Eau Rose embodies the fresh, clear air of a summer sunrise. A delicate rose in full bloom, on which the night’s coolness has conjured up fine pearls of morning dew. Lychee and redcurrant add a subtly tart and juicy fruitiness that perfectly accentuates the freshness of the bergamot. Delicate soap notes, very beautiful and very natural, join in and lend the blooming rose completely new olfactory facets. Geranium also conjures up greenish-pink nuances in the diptyquerose water. The fragrance gradually settles. Woody and powdery notes underline the still very clear, yet transparent rose and slowly herald the end of the fragrance.

French Flower – Matière Première

Just two months ago, I presented you French Flower by Matière Première (read about it here). Perhaps you remember. The French brand’s collection comprises eleven eaux de parfum, each centered around a special raw material. In the case of French Flower, this is tuberose, which is grown on the family-owned fields of perfumer and fragrance house founder Aurélien Guichard in the south of France.

The composition of Matière Première combines the ingredients tuberose, pear, green tea and ginger. The result is a creation that is wonderfully light, transparent and clear – a typical characteristic of the fragrances of this still young brand – and reflects the wonderful charm and special aura of the South of France in a really great way.

Matière Première - French Flower

French Flower smells bright, radiant and surprisingly delicate at first sniff. The tuberose picks up speed as it progresses, but remains quite reasonable. The fine fruity nuances of the pear lend the eau de parfum a delicious and juicy sweetness that keeps the sometimes rather stormy blossom in check. Lightness is provided by the ginger, whose fresh and citrusy accents blend wonderfully into the composition, while the green tea evokes gentle watery nuances. The tuberose thus presents itself in French Flower in a truly beautiful way. By no means as harsh, greenish and opulent as in many other creations, but rather very elegant, distinguished and seductive. For all fans of fruity-floral fragrances that smell of summer and sunshine. A feminine eau de parfum for the warmer seasons that should be worn on every occasion. ❤️

Petite Chérie – Goutal

Petite Chérie is one of my great favorites and was one of my first fragrances, so to speak, as I reviewed it for you in 2010 (you can read about it here). This creation is so enchantingly beautiful, so incredibly great. It is an olfactory declaration of love by Annick Goutal, who died in 1999, to her then still young daughter Camille. Launched just a year before her tragic death from cancer, Petite Chérie is not only the fragrance of a loving mother to her child, but today is also a classic, perhaps even one of the signature fragrances of the brand, which has now been successfully continued by Camille Goutal for over twenty years.

The fragrance notes of Petite Chérie are pear, peach, grass, musk rose, vanilla and white musk. It is an enchanting and light-hearted mix of sweet fruits, powdery rose and the finest spices that is simply heavenly from the first sniff. Perfect for all fans of fruity, powdery creations that can be worn on any occasion and all year round.

Goutal - Petite Chérie
Petite Chérie from Instagram

Test strips and skin show a similar course, but not quite identical. On paper, Petite Chérie starts out intensely fruity and sweet. Juicy pear notes are very clearly perceptible. Ripe and dripping sweet. Floral notes gradually emerge, but the distinct pear note remains at the forefront of the olfactory race. The fragrance is very delicate, light, airy and extremely feminine on the test strip. On the skin, on the other hand, it seems much more present, at least at the beginning, but here, too, Petite Chérie loses itself after not too long in a greenish-clean note, which has clearly fruity (on the skin) or floral (on the test strip) hints and is surprisingly long-lasting (at least on my skin).

Like a bath in freshly squeezed pear juice. Very authentic, innocent and incredibly romantic. I could really imagine this fragrance as a wedding scent; oh yes, it goes very well with an enchanting white dress. It also reminds me of freshly baked pear tart. Warm and vanilla-scented pears that melt velvety on the tongue on a bed of powdery-soft shortcrust pastry – a real pear treat! 🙂

À Fleur de Pêche – L’Artisan Parfumeur

After rose, pear and tuberose, it’s now peach’s turn with À Fleur de Pêche, which I reviewed here last August. One of my absolute favorite fragrance houses has launched this olfactory treasure, L’Artisan Parfumeur. The eau de parfum was created by Antoine Maisondieu, who dedicated himself to the peach in its entirety: the blossom, the fruit and its skin.

Maisondieu combined the fragrance notes Peach, pink pepper, jasmine, patchouli, tonka bean and Amber. À Fleur de Pêche is a composition that is soft, supple and velvety, but at the same time does not ignore the fruity nuances of peach. A pleasant and uncomplicated fragrance for all occasions, which offers the velvety stone fruit an appropriate and elegant stage. Delicious! 🍑

L'Artisan Parfumeur - À Fleur de Pêche
À Fleur de Pêche from Facebook

Sweet and juicy fruit nuances open the eau de parfum, very delicate, lucid and transparent. Velvety peach meets the creamy accents of jasmine, on whose bright and floral notes the stone fruit lolls gleefully. Together, the duo creates a melange that actually evokes the subtle and lovely scent of peach blossoms. Soon the peach dives into the jasmine cream. Instead, I perceive the light, softly earthy woody facets of Patchouli, which also appears creamy and rather shy. The tonka bean provides spicy warmth, in which I sniff out greenish coumarin notes and delicate vanilla hints. In the base, À Fleur de Pêche remains creamy, but the composition becomes distinctly drier, accompanied by the cotton-soft and synthetic-like accents of ambroxan.

201 – Bon Parfumeur

The French niche fragrance label Bon Parfumeur stands for balanced and clear compositions that are structured according to a very special fragrance scheme. The color and the corresponding number clearly indicate the type of creation at first glance. The series of numbers 200 and the color yellow include fruity fragrances, and our Eau de Parfum 201 also belongs in this category, which I introduced to you in January 2023 (read about it here).

For this composition, perfumer Philippe Romano combined the ingredients bergamot, apple, blackcurrant, pear, magnolia, freesia, marigold, lily of the valley, cedarwood, vetiver and musk to create an enchanting, romantic and dreamy fragrance that is as spring-like as it is elegant. Perfect for those who love transparent, fruity-floral and greenish creations.

A colorful basket of powdery and tart fruits opens 201 by the fragrance house of Bon Parfumeur in a summery and tangy way. Pear and apple particularly stand out here, underpinned by refreshing and subtly greenish bergamot. Soon they are joined by the flowers. Delicate yet clearly perceptible are the bright and aquatic nuances of magnolia and beguiling lily of the valley, accompanied by the lovely watery notes of freesia and the rather tart and aromatic green marigold. The green colour scheme in this creation is underscored by the grass-green Granny Smith accents that repeatedly flash throughout the fragrance. The base reveals the calm and sometimes more creamy, sometimes more powdery notes of vetiver and musk, underpinned by clean and light cedar.

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