Tigre d’Eau No. 22.1 and Dialogue with Venus by Pierre Guillaume

Two samples of Pierre Guillaume are in my to-review box, namely the recently launched Tigre d’Eau No. 22.1 and Dialogue with Venus. Since the brand is in my eyes a guarantor for super beautiful fragrance compositions, I would like to turn to the two creations right today. I wonder if they will fit into the fall weather that is currently prevalent here in the north? Southern Germany is supposed to get really warm again in the next few days, with the weather forecast predicting temperatures of up to 30 degrees. We’re a long way from that here on the Baltic coast, so I’d actually like one or two cosy feel-good fragrances. Let’s see if our two candidates today will warm me olfactorically.

Pierre Guillaume - Tigre d'Eau No. 22.1

Pierre Guillaume – the collections

The two fragrances belong to different collections and of these Pierre Guillaume has so several. Absolutely famous is the numbered Paris Collection, which includes Tigre d’Eau No. 22.1. Even if I usually like to let it go rather chaotic, I love such structured lines, also a reason why I have taken the Paris Collection to the heart.

In addition, the collection also includes a variety of excellently composed fragrances, of which I would like to recall two slightly older creations that absolutely delighted me: Musc Maori No. 4 and Harmattan Noir No. 11.

Then there is the Black Collection with deep black, mysterious flacons and the Cruise Collection, which is dipped in bold turquoise blue. Finally, there is the White Collection, whose colour is explained in the name and to which also belongs the fragrance Dialogue with Venus.

White tiger in front of jungle
Photo by Kar Ming Moo on Unsplash

Tigre d’Eau No. 22.1

The name Tigre d’Eau goes back to the year 2022, which was the year of the tiger in the Chinese calendar. The predatory cat was assisted by the element of water, which quickly explains the name Water Tiger or Tigre d’Eau. It is supposed to be a creation from the fougère family of fragrances, which is known for its greenish-woody and tart, often masculine compositions, but I’m hoping hard that in the eau de toilette the said water element is perceptible in some form.

The enclosed number 22.1 quickly makes it clear that the fragrance must be the first variant of No. 22. And what exactly is this number twenty-two? Djhenné No. 22 dates from 2012 and is dedicated to the city of the same name in the West African country of Mali. Located on an elevation in the middle of the Niger inland delta, Djenné can only be reached by ferry at high tide. The special location makes the city a green oasis, which was also the inspiration for No. 22.

After the amber version of Djhenné 22, Tigre d’Eau 22.1 is the second fragrance on the theme of “fougère” by Pierre Guillaume, which frees itself from the clichés of this fragrance family. The expected strength and freshness takes a vegetal form, a vital juice, sweet and salty, between notes of chlorophyll and a delicious combination of citrus, spices and balsamic.

Tiger in water
Photo by Alicia Chong on Unsplash

Perfumer Pierre Guillaume used the ingredients pink pepper, coconut, pink grapefruit, leafy green, tonka bean, salty notes and caramel for Tigre d’Eau No. 22.1, which sounds to me like an absolutely exciting blend that shouldn’t get too gloomy woodsy.

Under the spell of the water tiger – Tigre d’Eau No. 22.1

Aquatic, Asian and wonderfully refreshing is the opening of Tigre d’Eau. Grapefruit provides tart, tangy accents accompanied by a delicate pepper spiciness and the gently flowing, subtly tropical nuances of coconut water. The leafy green (possibly from bamboo) is radiant, bright, lucid and enters into an exceedingly coherent melange with the notes that can already be sniffed out. Pure harmony reigns here!

Tonka bean highlights the greenish hue of the eau de toilette with subtle coumarin notes that gradually become warmer and softer. The gourmand accents of the most delicious and vanilla-tinged salted caramel creep into the creation softly, making the base a true feast for all with a sweet tooth.

Pierre Guillaume - Tigre d'Eau

With Tigre d’Eau No. 22.1, Pierre Guillaume treats us to a delightful and multifaceted fragrance that is initially vitalising-aquatic and greenish-lucid and later displays gourmand-warm notes of spicy salted caramel. An exciting scent progression that I absolutely love and that makes the fragrance seasonally independent. You can wear the eau de toilette on any occasion. Worth mentioning is the wonderful durability with medium presence. A calm and contemplative creation that is sure to be loved by many of you.

Dialogue with Venus

A bit surprised with the English name of the eau de parfum, because usually I know from Pierre Guillaume rather French designations. But in between, every now and then an English fragrance name appears, as a look at the portfolio at Aus Liebe zum Duft reveals. Dialogue with Venus belongs to the White collection, so it is un-numbered and in a combination of white and silver.

The source of inspiration was a photograph by Helmut Newton, who in the 1970s photographed the English actress Charlotte Rampling lasciviously and casually in a fur coat. Known as Venus in Fur, the photograph seems to have left a lasting impression on Pierre Guillaume. It pays homage to the seductive femme fatale with the ingredients vanilla, maritime notes, ylang-ylang, peach, sandalwood and white musk.

Pierre Guillaume - Dialogue with Venus

Dialogue with Venus: a sunny, exotic-floral fragrance composition. Dialogue with Venus begins with a white floral accord that recalls the luxurious and exuberant femininity of the 70s, while its fruity, silky and sunny vanilla has been refined according to the codes of the House of Pierre Guillaume Paris. Subtle exotic aromas flow through this floral melody like a wind of freedom, conveying a mischievous and sexy “je-ne-sais-quoi”, casual charm.

Under the spell of Venus

Airy and light, radiant and bright, this is how the opening of Dialogue with Venus appears thanks to soft-lovely vanilla nuances that combine ozonic-aquatic hints and tropical ylang-ylang. I perceive strong aldehyde vibes, fruity, molecular and coconut-milky, which seem elusive and thus underline the transparency of the creation. The entire composition is surprisingly unsweet, which I would not have expected.

I do not sniff out the peach as such, but the eau de parfum has a velvety-soft undertone that is accented by radiantly bright musk powder. The composition remains in this light, milky and creamy state before gradually fading away very gradually.

Pierre Guillaume - Dialogue with Venus

The colour white is the programme for Dialogue with Venus: a lucid and creamy-powdery fragrance with ozonic, shimmering coconut aldehydes that is super summery, airy and light and triggers acute holiday desires in me. It has to go south, into the sun, maybe even into the tropics. Perfect for all those who love transparent, discreetly exotic compositions inspired by the colour white. Absolutely suitable for every day and office use and, despite its summery notes, can actually be worn all year round. A dream in white! 🤍

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