Sun Force and Moon Glory by The Harmonist – Gems in Gold and Silver

In the second article about the new fragrances by The Harmonist I would like to present you the perfumes Sun Force and Moon Glory. Both are part of the Prequel Collection, with which the brand honours the Sun and Moon.

Our prequel collection celebrates the two forces that govern all aspects of life on earth: the sun and the moon. The sun colours our perception and reveals the vibrancy of our surroundings. The moon determines our movements, our patterns, our rhythms. Sun Force and Moon Glory are the embodiment of this. Two fragrances that are separate and yet together, different and yet inseparable.

The Harmonist - Sun Force and Moon Glory

After my post yesterday on Yin Transformation (read it here), a lovely creamy-clean feel-good creation, I’m especially looking forward to today’s two fragrance candidates with what I consider romantic-sounding names. I have already mentioned that The Harmonist develops its fragrances according to the Chinese doctrine of Feng Shui. The creations are designed to bring our body, mind and emotions back into harmony and balance.

Sun Force – Fragrant solar power

The sun, the celestial body that is the centre of our galaxy, that provides us with heat and light, without which there would be no life on earth. The Harmonist dedicates the extrait de parfum Sun Force to it. Oh, what I wish I could enjoy the soothing rays of the sun at this moment. A bit of warmth and a springtime mood would do me a world of good right now, as we are still “enjoying” cool temperatures and heavy downpours here in northern Germany. Well, you can’t do anything about the weather, and so I hope that Sun Force will sweeten my day and olfactorily dissolve my meteorological frustration into thin air.

Perfumer was – as with all creations by The Harmonist – Guillaume Flavigny, who created the extrait de parfum from the fragrance notes of grapefruit, Bulgarian rose, saffron, cardamom, incense, honey, sandalwood, benzoin and musk.

The Harmonist - Sun Force

Sun Force celebrates the vitality of the sun, a force that shapes our perception and reveals to us the vibrancy of our surroundings.

Under the spell of the sun – Sun Force

Powerful and lush, Sun Force shows in the opening. The sour tartness of grapefruit meets the dark spiciness of saffron and the greenish fresh notes of cardamom, underpinned by subtle soapy rose nuances. Incense and honey unite in the heart of the creation, creating a soft smoky and golden sweetness that is still underpinned by the spicy-citrus freshness of the opening.

Sandalwood and benzoin resin intonate a velvety-woody melody in the finish, soft, supple, underpinned by balsamic-milky and leathery-amber notes, gradually joined by the fine powder notes of musk, which breathe additional soothing accents into the base.

The Harmonist - Sun Force

In the opening Sun Force reveals quite opulence, exudes dark spicy and tart citrus nuances, but already in the heart the extrait de parfum calms down. Delicately smoky honey reflects the colour of the sun, to finally become creamy-woody in the finish. Sun Force by The Harmonist is not a cheerful or squeaky summer sun good mood fragrance, but a grown-up, elegant and spicy-warm sun interpretation full of contemplation and tranquility. I would rather wear the creation on cooler days, but here it is – especially in the heart and base – quite suitable for everyday life and office use. ☀

Moon Glory – In the glow of the moon

The moonlight casts a fascinatingly cool, almost silvery light, while the sun emits more golden rays. This colour scheme is also found in the bottles of Moon Glory and Sun Force. While Moon Glory is dressed in glittering silver, Sun Force shows up in shiny gold. Will this all-natural warm-cold contrast also reveal itself in the fragrances?

Moon Glory celebrates the poetry of the moon, a force that shapes every movement, pattern and rhythm on earth.

The Harmonist - Moon Glory

At first glance, the fragrance notes of the perfume do not sound really cool and silvery sparkle: jasmine, ylang-ylang, lychee, floral notes, passion flower, honey, hinoki cypress, balsamic notes and sandalwood.

The glory of the moon

Lush white flowers beguile already in the opening of Moon Glory, evoking a radiantly bright, almost lost in reverie atmosphere. Despite its presence, the fragrance seems rather restrained, calm and gradually becomes quieter. The creamy white flowers, led by jasmine, whose notes reminiscent of bubblegum provide very special accents, are underpinned by nectar-sweet honey.

Sandalwood and the balsamic notes give warmth and durability to the creation, intensifying the beguiling floral nuances and giving them a beautiful frame that shimmers with a soft silver sheen.

The Harmonist - Moon Glory

Lovely and floral is Moon Glory by The Harmonist. A creamy and radiant-bright floral composition, in which I definitely find the reference to the moon. After all, some white flowers exude their lush and intoxicating scent at night, which seems so irresistible. Despite a good portion of magnificent flowers, the extrait de parfum is rather a quiet and introverted creation, which in itself seems well-rounded and coherent. Perfect for friends of rather restrained floral fragrances with a fine jasmine background. Quite year-round and due to its wonderfully balanced composition also wearable on any occasion. 🌕

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