B-612 and Vain & Naïve by Nishane – Olfactory Little Prince

B-612 and Vain & Naïve by Nishane are the next fragrance novelties in the store of Aus Liebe zum Duft, which I would like to present to you today. Already on Tuesday I reviewed Hundred Silent Ways and Fan your Flames here (read it here), in the upcoming posts Zenne, Ani, Ege, Nanshe and Suede et Safran will follow.

Starry sky
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B-612, that makes me sit up and take notice. And my initial suspicions are immediately confirmed. The fragrance was inspired by the famous work of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, which probably every child and adult knows: “The Little Prince”.

Some may remember the creations of the French luxury couturier Marc-Antoine Barrois. His B683 and B683 Extrait are also influenced by the famous children’s book, but Barrois did not use the original name of the royal home planet B-612, but a combination of his date of birth and the said letter. Here I link you also again my contribution to the two, even if this is now a little “off-topic” here.

B-612 – Nishane

The home planet or better home asteroid of the little prince is called B-612. The book by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry was published in 1943, almost 80 years ago. Of course, we also have a copy of the Little Prince at home, but I can’t find it. In Nishane’s press release, reference is made to a Turkish astronomer who is said to have seen asteroid B-612 once through his telescope. Is this astronomer really mentioned in the book? Can you help me there?

In turn, I’ll also tell you the fragrance notes Nishane used for his olfactory take on the famous children’s book: Lavender, Geranium, Cypress, Cashmeran, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Musk, Oakmoss and Tonka Bean.

Nishane - B-612

B-612 – the Little Prince asteroid approaches the world with its aromas to make the wearer of this perfume imaginative, open-minded and sensitive to the mysteries and beauty of the world, with its seductive structure that brings back forgotten qualities from childhood. Enlightenment through exploration.

Curiosity leads to wisdom

Little dreamy starts the Extrait de Parfum B-612 in the fragrance course. Lush green-herbaceous and distinctly woody fougère notes open the fragrance from the house of Nishane, which comes as quite a surprise to me. What did I expect? Good question! Perhaps more a creation with mineral, with sandy notes and that barely tangible airiness that tends to occur in molecular fragrances. But B-612 is almost a fragrant counter to my expectations.

Very tangible is the Extrait de Parfum, discreetly bitter, a little rough and gruff seeming. Cool, damp and earthy, with tart lavender and edgy patchouli, woody oakmoss and the aromatic fresh cedarwood. In the finish, cashmeran, musk and tonka bean gently buffer the fragrance, giving it a subtle sweetness and softness.

Nishane - B-612

B-612 by Nishane is the perfect fragrance for those who love fougère creations with lush forest and lavender nuances. Tart, herbaceous and strong at the start, the extrait de parfum becomes softer, more sweet and pleasing over time. With barbershop accents at the beginning, the creation shows more of its calm, relaxed and soft side in the finish. B-612 is, in my eyes, wearable year-round, though the coolness should, of course, be especially outstanding on warm days. A unisex creation that sets exciting accents.

Vain & Naïve – true love

What would the little prince be without his rose? His one true love waiting for him on the royal boy’s small home planet B-612. Along with the faithful fox and the deceitful snake, the rose is one of the recurring characters in the imaginative novella about the travelling prince who left his home to find new friends and experienced many an adventure along the way.

A tribute to every unique love ever experienced on earth. Vain & Naïve is an enchanting fragrance of the flower with which the Little Prince is in love.

Nishane - Vain & Naïve

An extrait de parfum, then, that revolves around a talking rose. So it is obvious that the majestic flower also appears in the fragrance notes. And indeed, in addition to the aforementioned rose, you can find bergamot, orange, jasmine, cedar, plum, raspberry, sandalwood, amber, patchouli, benzoin resin, tonka bean and musk.

Time for love

Tangy citrus opens Vain & Naïve with tart citrus notes. I notice the bergamot more clearly than the orange, which tends to stay in the background and provides a subtle juicy sweetness here. Soon the creamy facets of jasmine, infused with soft bubblegum nuances, emerge to soothe the hesperid freshness of the opening. In particular, the dark fruit notes of plum can be sniffed out.

Early in the fragrance’s course, they are accompanied by an amber-like warmth that I would attribute to sandalwood and, of course, ambergris. I don’t see or smell the rose as such explicitly in Nishane’s creation, rather it nestles with jasmine and fruit, emphasizing more than standing out. She has a leading role, but she is not the star in the center of the Extrait de Parfum, in the light of the spotlights and the flash.

Nishane - Vain & Naïve

Vain & Naïve by Nishane does not show off a show-off rose that appears in a prima donna-like manner in the creation. Rather, the rose is restrained, subtle and discreet, underpinning and uniting the flowers and fruits with its bright, radiant and softly soapy notes. The rose in Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s Little Prince is also reserved and shy, and perhaps that is precisely why she is so beloved by him. It is his base, his home and his place of longing. Vain & Naïve creates a beautiful fragrant monument to this fictional flower, blessed with a good presence and durability. Absolutely suitable for everyday life and office use and also in terms of age and season, an absolute all-rounder. 🙂

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