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With Ege and Ani by Nishane, today we look at the next two fragrances of the Turkish brand recently reinstated in the range of Aus Liebe zum Duft. I link you here and here again to my previous posts on the scents Hundred Silent Ways and Fan your Flames of the Rumi Collection, as well as B-612 and Vain & Naïve of the Imaginative Collection.

Nishane - Ege

Ege and Ani are from the No Boundaries Collection by Nishane. No Boundaries. What olfactory worlds might today’s two fragrances take us to?

Ege – Homage to the Aegean Sea

The fragrance Ege bears the Greek epithet Αιγαιο, which translates as Aegis. And also the word Ege refers to that part of the Mediterranean, only it is the Turkish word for it. Located north of Crete and shaped like a bay, on one side the Greek mainland, on the other Turkey, crossed by numerous islands and islets so popular with tourists.

A tribute to the Aegean Sea – a beautiful inlet of the Mediterranean Sea between the Greek and Anatolian peninsulas. Historically of great importance, especially with regard to the culture of ancient Greece, which stretched along the coast of the Aegean Sea and the Aegean islands. The Aegean islands facilitated contact between people in the area and between Europe and Asia.

Nishane - Ege

Perfumer of the 2020 creation is Greek Ilias Ermenidis, who chose the ingredients yuzu, violet leaf, anise, basil, cardamom, mint, incense and licorice for the fragrance of the Eastern Mediterranean.

The blue of the Aegean – Ege / Αιγαιο

Citrusy and fresh as a gentle sea breeze, Ege by Nishane opens and immediately reveals beautiful maritime notes composed of cool anise, tangy sour yuzu, greenish refreshing mint and aromatic cardamom. The basil also adds its characteristic herbal nuances, which perfectly complement the greenish-fresh blue in Ege.

Summery, sunny and far from the typical aquatic accents that usually bring marine fragrances, Ege convinces with its Mediterranean serenity and the scent of green herbs that evoke salty-maritime moments. In the finish, incense and licorice bring dark and sweet-smoky facets to the extrait de parfum from the house of Nishane, rounding it off in a beautiful way.

Nishane - Ege

Aege fragrance Ege is perfect for those who love elegant and Mediterranean perfumes with maritime notes. Powerful yet unobtrusive, the creation evokes marine nuances through aromatic green herbs, refreshing citrus and delicious spices, rounded off by hints of incense and a hint of licorice. Rather a fragrance for warmer days, but excellent for all occasions, for everyday life and office. 🙂

Ani – Nishane

The ruins of the city of Ani were the inspiration for the eponymous fragrance from the house of Nishane. Formerly part of Armenia, then of the Byzantine Empire, later part of the Ottoman Empire, but also once part of Georgia as well as conquered by Mongols … Ani of Nishane looks back on an eventful history. Even capital of Armenia in the first millennium and today located on Turkish territory on the border with Armenia, the ruins of Ani are mostly abandoned and left to decay. Only rarely do tourists stray into the remote region.

The closeness between Armenia and Turkey is reflected not only in the example of Ani. The two countries also have an overlap in terms of traditional songs. A well-known folk song is called Sarı Gelin in Turkey, and Sari Gyalin in Armenia. The song also exists in Azerbaijan and is extremely popular there. In addition to the ruins mentioned, Ani also refers to this song.

Nishane - Ani

I can also tell you the fragrance notes: Bergamot, Green Notes, Ginger, Pink Pepper, Blackcurrant, Turkish Rose, Cardamom, Patchouli, Cedarwood, Vanilla, Benzoin Resin, Amber, Musk and Sandalwood. By the way, the perfumer was Cécile Zarokian, who herself has Armenian roots.

Dance of vanilla

Dark, fruity-citrusy and infused with a gentle peppery spiciness, Ani starts off the fragrance progression and actually reveals a beautiful and also a bit melancholic vanilla note right from the start that hangs lush and sweet like a dense cloud over the creation. Fruit flashes here and there, a hint of greenish bergamot here, some blackcurrant there, surrounded by pink peppercorns.

But the protagonist from the beginning is the vanilla, dark, sublime and majestic. The rose gives it a touch of floral splendor and benzoe resin chocolaty moments. An amber sandalwood base underpins the vanilla in the finish, giving it long-lasting intensity and depth.

Nishane - Ani

Vanilla fans watch out! Ani could be just the thing for you. A lush and exceedingly dark vanilla, refined with citrus, fruity and gourmand woody nuances, very present, very lush and also boasting a sweetness not to be despised. A fragrance that for me fits perfectly into the cooler season, rainy autumn days – like today – or even cold winter evenings. 🙂

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