Hand care by Diptyque and Byredo – wash and cream

I walk today on completely new paths, namely I dedicate myself in this post to various cosmetic products or hand care made by Diptyque and Byredo. On the test program are hand soaps, hand creams and a hand scrub, and I am curious how well-groomed my nevertheless very stressed hands emerge from this review.

Hand care from Byredo & Diptyque
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In general, I am a fan of frequent handwashing – even independent of the measures of regular hand cleaning that have been recommended for the past two years – and my hands look accordingly. Dry, rough and cracked. The skin is taut, irritated and not necessarily in top shape, to put it euphemistically. Reason enough to give my hands a wellness treatment and let you participate in this event of the century.

So let’s kick off this slightly different review with skincare products made by Diptyque and Byredo! 🙂

Diptyque hand care

Eau des Sens – Cleansing Hand and Body Gel

My first test object is said wash gel, which can be used for hands and the body. The fragrance Eau des Sens is of course also available as an eau de toilette – Harmen has already reviewed the creation here – with the notes bitter orange, neroli, orange blossom, petitgrain, angelica, juniper berries and patchouli.

Diptyque - Eau des Sens - Cleansing Hand and Body Gel

And indeed, Eau de Sens – Cleansing Hand and Body Gel reveals itself as a delicate and citrusy liquid soap that smells lightly and unobtrusively of orange blossom, petitgrain and neroli. The wash gel lathers up rather restrained and develops a gentle and silky, fine-pored foam that rinses off easily and leaves the skin feeling soft. This may also be responsible for the contained shea butter.

Exfoliating Hand Wash

Those who not only want to clean their hands, but also gently exfoliate them at the same time, can reach for the Exfoliating Hand Wash from the house of Diptyque. In a rather massive and high-quality glass bottle with pump dispenser you will find the hand cleanser with exfoliating effect. A care product that can already score neatly in purely visual terms.

Diptyque - Exfoliating Hand Wash

Finely ground olive pits provide a gentle exfoliation that is very pleasant on the skin and gently removes dead skin cells. What remains is a smooth and soft skin. The Exfoliating Hand Wash, like its predecessor today, does not foam up too much, but develops a fine lather that rinses off easily. The aroma is refreshing, tart, herbaceous-spicy and rather delicately pronounced. Plus point: The hand wash scrub can be refilled.

Émulsion Velours – Velvet Hand Lotion

Also in a handsome and sturdy glass bottle is the Velvet Hand Lotion from the house of Diptyque. The jar, which is visually designed in the typical style of the French cult brand, holds a proud 350 ml and is refillable, just like the Exfoliating Hand Wash. A suitable Refill I link you here. Diptyque has written the re- and upcycling on the flag and emphasizes again and again that, for example, the empty scented candle jars – by the way, dishwasher safe – can be reused – for example, as a brush holder, vase or drinking glass.

Diptyque - Émulsion Velours - Velvet Hand Lotion

The hand care already promises a velvety pampering experience purely by name. The ingredients listed are immortelle (Italian strawflower), sesame, chamomile, acacia honey, licorice (liquorice) and almond . The texture of Velvet Hand Lotion is rather light, but smooth. It spreads beautifully on the skin and absorbs quickly without being sticky or greasy. What remains is a silky, shiny skin that feels ultra soft and nourished. Fragrance-wise, I primarily sniff out the sweetish nuances of almond. Delicious!

Hand care from Byredo

Suede – Hand Wash

The name Suede is somewhat misleading, because actually the hand soap does not really smell like suede. Pear, bergamot, aldehydes, lily of the valley, violet, musk, plum and amber are the olfactory ingredients that draw a rather unleathery scent picture. By the way, the Hand Wash was re-designed, which is why the soap in the picture below is different from the one in the group photo above. It is transparent in the meantime, while the hand soap I have still has a nice amber hue.

Byredo - Suede - Hand Wash

Let’s go to cleaning! The Wash Lotion Suede has quite an intense, but not intrusive, warm and floral-woody scent. The texture is very smooth, almost silky. Again, we do have a liquid soap that produces rather little and fine foam. It rinses off beautifully and leaves the skin feeling pleasant. However, I have the impression that it is not quite as moisturizing as, for example, the above-mentioned Diptyque soap. For this, the skin smells quite wonderful after washing.

Suede – Hand and Nail Cream

Last but not least, I test for you the hand and nail cream Suede from the house of Byredo. The Hand and Nail Cream is in one of the typical minimalist tubes made of aluminum in white with discreet black inscription. It all seems very tidy and Scandinavian, which I like. The scent is matching the above Hand Wash, which is why the fragrance notes are the same. By the way, in the Suede line there is also a perfumed soap bar, a Rinse Free Hand Wash (Great for on the go!) and a Hand Scrub. Everything smells the same and thus meshes like an olfactory cogwheel.

To the test: The Hand and Nail Cream appears significantly richer already when applied to the skin. Not surprisingly, we are dealing here with a cream and not a lotion – as above. Even though the texture is rather compact, the cream is easy to spread and massage in. It absorbs quickly and makes the skin silky and soft immediately thanks to shea butter. The creamy hand care also has a seductive scent that has a long durability.

How did you like my excursion into the world of cosmetics? Do you fancy that I present in the future from time to time one or the other post about hand, body or even hair care? 🙂 Just write me in the comments.

Love greetings

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