Misiarte and Malatesta by V Canto – Under the Spell of Power and Magic

With Misiarte and Malatesta, V Canto once again remains true to itself. Because the brand around the siblings Tiziana and Paolo Terenzi seems to have a passion for exciting stories and so the creations of the two Italians like to revolve around intriguing and corrupt families of Italian history, around legendary women who are not averse to the use of poison to get to their goal, around just those deadly toxins, around magic and magic.

Castello di Gradara, Italy
Castello the Gradara from Facebook

Growing up in an area where the imposing Castello di Gradara was and is always visible from afar, Tiziana and Paolo Terenzi have a very special relationship with that castle and the history associated with it, as well as with the history of Italy in general. Two reviews I was allowed to write for the Duft-Tagebuch, in which it is among other things about the legendary and infamous Borgia family, which pulled the strings in medieval Italy.

Misiarte and Malatesta show, in terms of their source of inspiration, a direct reference to the castle Castello di Gradara, which has such a great importance for V Canto. We’ll find out exactly what’s behind the two creations below.

Misiarte – the magical castle inhabitant

With Misiarte, V Canto pays homage to a magician named Artemisia, who is said to have lived at Castello di Gradara. Artemisia – or Misiarte – seems to have found the potion of eternal youth, for for hundreds of years the castle is said to have been her home. Unlike the previous characters that Paolo and Tiziana Terenzi have so far taken as imaginary models for their fragrances, the aforementioned Artemisia is probably quite a friendly person who could not be further from intrigue.

V Canto - Misiarte

This creation was inspired by the most powerful and gentle sorceress in history: Artemisia. (…) Artemisia has been the true soul of the castle for many years and, according to legend, she lived there for centuries thanks to her powerful magic potions. For these could give long life and endless happiness.

Just like this famous elixir of happiness, the fragrance Misiarte embodies the essence of joy and success and is able to protect it, like a powerful amulet created by the benevolent enchantress: Misiarte is the euphoria of seduction and courage in a drop of perfume.

As a perfumer was once again Paolo Terenzi at work, who combined for the fragrance the ingredients bergamot, orange, grapefruit, pineapple, coconut, plum, lily of the valley, jasmine, leather, raspberry, sandalwood, heliotrope, musk, amber and caramel. This actually sounds like a fragrance that could spread joy and happiness

Elixir of cheerfulness – Misiarte

Misiarte shows a clear presence and intensity from the start, which is quite typical of the creations from the house of Terenzi. Lush, sumptuous and very complex, the Extrait de Parfum comes up with fruity-floral and creamy notes.

Lily of the valley and jasmine radiate in a beautiful way. The coconut provides a subtly exotic and milky background. Hesperides and pineapple add a touch of fruity freshness, while musk and heliotrope give Misiarte powdery-dry vanilla accents.

Very soft, very cozy and warm seems the creation from the house of V Canto. Sandalwood and amber provide balsamic-woody facets in the finish, interspersed with supple and bright suede nuances.

V Canto - Misiarte

Misiarte by V Canto could well be called a fragrance of happiness and joy. A light, creamy-powdery mix of lucid florals, warm woods and – thanks to ultra-milky coconut – infused with a touch of the exotic. A lush Extrait de Parfum with a medium presence and good longevity that, for me, fits perfectly into the coming warmer season. For the office, perhaps a little too intense, but otherwise in my eyes absolutely wearable on almost any occasion. Beautiful and ideal for those who are still looking for a suitable fragrance candidate for spring and summer. 🙂

Malatesta – of love and intrigue

The Italian noble dynasty of the Malatesta should have a family history that is quite to the liking of the Terenzis. In the Middle Ages, the Malatestas were the rulers of the eastern part of what is now Emilia-Romagna, living, among other places, in the Castello di Gradara and in perpetual feud with the Montefeltros, with whom they fought not only for supremacy in the region. One family – the Montefeltros – had conspired with the emperor, while the Malatestas sided with the pope.

The famous Italian poet Dante Alighieri immortalized the Castello di Gradara in his Divine Comedy with the lovers Francesca and Paolo, who were allegedly murdered in that very castle due to adultery – he was the stepbrother of Francesca’s husband Gianciotto Malatesta. This is also one of the reasons why the castle from the Terenzis’ homeland is so closely linked to love and is a perfect source of inspiration for the perfumer siblings.

V Canto - Malatesta

Orange, mandarin, iris, lavender, jasmine, Lebanon cedarwood, pink pepper, leather, musk, vanilla, eaglewood (oud), woods and patchouli are the ingredients of this Extrait de Parfum from the house of V Canto, which revolves around the feisty and power-hungry noble family of Malatestas.

With love anything is possible

… is the brand’s credo, and the two siblings are probably right somehow. In any case, Malatesta is an exceedingly friendly and pleasant fragrance from the start – there could have been something quite different in store, given the history of Malatestas – opening with the powdery lipstick nuances of iris accompanied by delicate hesperides. A dark pepper spiciness soon joins in, as do notes of leather.

Soft, supple and exceedingly dry, the leather iris shows itself, which is also accentuated by pepper in the further course. Jasmine is creamy but otherwise very restrained, while lavender is more perceptible as an herbaceous cool freshness in the background. Lebanon cedar provides a woody aromatic spice accompanied by subtly creamy patchouli and gentle agarwood smoke. The musk underlines the powder facets of the iris and intensifies them.

V Canto - Malatesta

Malatesta from V Canto is an exceedingly powdery and spicy-woody leather iris with distinct lipstick nuances that is very dry and rather cool in my eyes. Floral, fruity or other fragrance background is missing in this creation, in the center of the olfactory power is precisely that iris, which combines with the leather in a beautiful way. Compared to the usually rather lush Terenzi fragrances, I find Malatesta to be rather restrained and less present. A calm and relaxed creation that should please friends of fragrances with dark spicy leather iris and lipstick accents. 🙂

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