In the face of the sun and moon – Yakamoz and Calar del Sole by ArteOlfatto

With Yakamoz and Calar del Sole, the fragrance history of the Italian brand ArteOlfatto continues. Which pleases me very much, because the label around the founder Luigi Nappo I have been accompanying here in the fragrance diary for several years now. And so it always feels to me almost as if I meet an old acquaintance again, when a brand so familiar to me launches a new fragrance and a sample of it lands on my desk.

The ArteOlfatto collection
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I always find it particularly exciting when there is a certain story behind a fragrance, a certain reference to something that may already be hidden in the name of the creation. You dive into the depths of the Internet, research sometimes more, sometimes less successfully and finally find what you are looking for or not. The fragrance compositions of ArteOlfatto are usually grateful research objects, to whose name you can usually always find something usable. This is also the case with our current two candidates, Yakamoz and Calar del Sol.

Yakamoz – in the light of the moon

What catches the eye right at the beginning are the obviously newly labeled bottles, which are no longer provided with a dark brown, but a shiny golden label. I like this facelift very much, as it gives the fragrances an even nobler look, which absolutely lives up to their inner values.

Yakamoz, the research quickly revealed, refers to a Turkish word that is sometimes advertised as one of the best known in the Turkish language. It translates as “sea lights” and is also the term for the reflection of the moon on a water surface. How cumbersome the German language is once again. More than a handful of words are needed in this country to describe this nocturnal and romantically tinged light spectacle. Yakamoz also convinced the jury of the contest “The most beautiful ABC in the world” from 2007, which was carried out by the magazine Kulturaustausch and the Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations in Stuttgart, and therefore landed in 1st place.

ArteOlfatto - Yakamoz
Yakamoz by ArteOlfatto

The fragrance notes of Yakamoz from ArteOlfatto definitely enrapture me: bergamot, fig, nutmeg, cinnamon, ylang-ylang, jasmine, rose, patchouli, amber and vanilla are the ingredients of this homage to the beauty of the moon and its reflection on water.

Reflection of the full moon

Yakamoz enters the stage immediately after spraying in full splendor. Lush, intense and seductive, the Extrait de Parfum beguiles with an imposing floral bouquet of ylang-ylang, rose and light-creamy jasmine. Spices accentuate the floral notes, I particularly perceive the aromatic freshness of nutmeg here. Bergamot and fig provide subliminal tart-greenish nuances, which are sometimes more, sometimes less distinct.

Yakamoz by ArteOlfatto appears densely packed and extremely complex, gradually incorporating darker and warmer facets. Amber and patchouli provide depth and volume. Their notes are reminiscent of the finest suede, of magnificent woods that appear noble and full of pride. Dark and seductive vanilla finally rounds off the creation in an extremely harmonious way.

ArteOlfatto - Yakamoz

Yakamoz by ArteOlfatto is a magnificent blend of flowers and spices, rounded off by ambered woody notes. A fragrance that contains power, presence and also a certain sweetness, that seduces, beguiles and envelops. An Extrait de Parfum, which in my eyes is more suitable for the evening, for special occasions or the romantic date with the loved one. A beautiful creation that friends of spicy floral scents should definitely put on their to-try list. 🙂

Calar del Sole – the setting of the sun

From the moon to the sun. What could be more fitting than to combine these two celestial bodies, which are so important for us and also so commonplace, in this review? Calar del Sole by ArteOlfatto pays homage to the sun as our source of heat and light or its setting, because “sunset” is the English translation of the Italian term. A fascinating natural spectacle that enchants many every evening, captured in photographs and paintings, romantic and atmospheric at the same time. Whether at the seaside, in the mountains, observed from the garden, balcony or the window at home, the sun slowly disappearing on the horizon has a very special magic.

Calar del Sole is a perfume that tells of sunsets on the Amalfi Coast.

ArteOlfatto - Calar del Sole
Calar del Sole by ArteOlfatto

The Italian Amalfi Coast with its picturesque landscape, colorful houses, beaches, azure sea. This definitely sounds like a hesperidic scent, as citrus is a delicacy of the region and so typically Italian.Bergamot, lemon, orange blossom, amber, jasmine, vanilla, musk and cashmere wood are the olfactory ingredients of Calar del Sole, which – in my opinion – matches perfectly with a sunset on the Amalfi Coast.

Sunset in front of Amalfi

Beautiful and powdery-creamy citrus notes open Calar del Sole, soft and sunny. The hesperides and orange blossoms try to outshine each other. Jasmine emphasizes the creamy-floral nuances, which are accentuated by sweet-spicy vanilla.

Very light, close to the skin, but still present, ArteOlfatto’s Extrait de Parfum is the epitome of a summery, sunny and Mediterranean fragrance, with both warmth and a touch of coolness. Soft and velvety with delicate musk powder and amber-woody cuddly notes, the composition slowly fades.

ArteOlfatto - Calar del Sole

Friends of powdery and summery-sunny, Mediterranean citrus scents with a clear orange blossom note should have their true joy at Calar del Sole. The fragrance is creamy and bright, infused with soft floral hesperidic nuances and seems so light, so easygoing and so relaxed. An Extrait de Parfum that fits perfectly into the warmer season and can actually be worn here on almost any occasion. Bravissimo!

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