Maharloo, Lofoten and Olifant by Olfattology

We have already experienced that the Italian niche fragrance brand Olfattology loves to travel, and so the three extraits de parfum Maharloo, Olifant and Lofoten are also inspired by journeys to more or less distant lands. The six fragrances Yosemite, Tekapo, Hotan, Juruá, Evros and Zambesi have now received olfactory reinforcement and I am delighted to be able to present the three new creations to you.

Olfattology - Maharloo

In my contributions Yosemite, Tekapo and Hotan by Olfattology – Exclusively at Aus Liebe zum Duft and Juruá, Evros and Zambesi from Olfattology – washed with all waters you will find all the important information about the brand itself and about the six fragrances mentioned, which took us to the USA, New Zealand, China, South America, South-East Europe and Africa. One of the continents mentioned will also be our destination today, the other two are still olfactory uncharted territory for us – at least as far as Olfattology’s creations are concerned.

Maharloo – Pink fragrance spectacle

Maharloo is inspired by a salt lake in the barren southwest of Iran, which has a beautiful pink color every year in midsummer – and is therefore one of the so-called Pink Lakes – before it gradually dries up in late summer, leaving behind a white salt plain. The fascinating color of the lake water is partly due to the high level of evaporation, as the hot summers take their toll on the water. On the other hand, the high salt content promotes the growth of certain microorganisms and algae that are responsible for the red coloration of Lake Maharloo. The fragrance notes pick up on the colors of the Iranian waters: Cherry, cinnamon, plum, licorice, cherry blossom, tonka bean and benzoin resin.

The unexpected pink magic of Lake Maharloo inspired this fragrance, which is as intense as its colorful waters. The unmistakable and enveloping sweet note of cherry, which blends harmoniously with cinnamon, merges with a tangy combination of licorice and plum.

Olfattology - Maharloo

Juicy, sweet cherries, beautifully marzipan-like and liqueur-like, open Maharloo and immerse the fragrance in a fruity, gourmand, radiant red from the very first moment. The licorice provides additional sweetness and depth, giving the creation dark, spicy nuances, from which I also sniff out gentle cinnamon facets. Even if one might assume that Maharloo is a heavy, opulent fragrance, this is not the case. Of course, the extrait de parfum has a good presence and longevity, but is rather transparent and airy overall. Cherry blossom and plum sweetness add a certain lightness to the composition, which is rounded off by the coumarin notes of tonka bean and vanilla-creamy benzoin resin.

Maharloo is a beautiful, deep red and spicy-warm cherry fragrance, not too dark, not too sweet, but finely balanced and skillfully composed throughout. In my opinion, it’s more for cooler days or fall and winter, but can be worn for any occasion. The extrait de parfum complements the range of cherry fragrances in a really great and atmospheric way, and is therefore an absolute test recommendation from me to you! Anyone who loves cherries and fruity, spicy creations will be delighted with Maharloo. 🍒

Olifant – Fragrant savannah

For Olifant, Olfattology was inspired by the savannah. I’m not sure whether the name was chosen in reference to the Dutch term for elephant or whether Olifant refers to a series of rivers of the same name in southern Africa. The press release only mentions “the savannah at sunset” and speaks of “a sublime and refined character”. Cognac, fruity notes, smoky notes, birch, incense, leather, guaiac wood, vetiver and ambergris are the ingredients of this composition dipped in warm amber.

Olfattology - Olifant

Dark clouds of smoke rise from the Olifant firmament, accompanied by citrusy fruit nuances. Soft, liqueur-like and leathery notes soon join in, softening and soothing the lush smokiness of the opening. The leather looks strong, cognac-colored and expressive, but blends in well with the overall creation. With woody and earthy nuances defined by cool incense, rooty vetiver and powdery guaiac wood, Olifant gradually fades away.

The extrait de parfum with the savannah reference reveals spicy-tart, woody-smoky and striking traits that seem rather masculine to me. Very dry, cool and infused with peaty, leathery notes, in my opinion this fragrance is more suitable for the evening or leisure time than for the office. Even though the creation itself is also cooler in nature, I would prefer to wear Olifant in fall and winter. I classify the presence as medium, the durability is good. A fragrance that should appeal to fans of leathery-smoky and spicy-woody compositions.

Lofoten – Norway’s islands

I find our last candidate particularly exciting: Lofoten. Inspired by the archipelago of the same name in the north of Norway, the creation combines the ingredients of salty notes, thyme, myrtle, rose, lily of the valley, ylang-ylang, vanilla, iris, seaweed, tonka bean, cedarwood, sandalwood and musk. It is a composition with which “we can breathe the purity and clarity of the sea”. “A delicate accord of essences that let us experience the feeling of clean skin after a shower.” I expect a rather cool, maritime scent that combines mineral and aromatic notes.

Olfattology - Lofoten

Airy, light and powdery-soft, Lofoten starts the fragrance. A subtle maritime saltiness meets greenish, aromatic nuances and lucid, creamy flowers that emphasize the composition’s aquatic notes. Ylang-ylang adds milky accents, while vanilla and musk evoke velvety powdery nuances. Lofoten is pure, clear and fresh, but at the same time convinces with a clean creaminess that is enveloping and incredibly relaxing. It is not a stormy sea that the Olfattology brand presents to us olfactorily here, but a fragrance full of calm, meditative power and cozy purity. Finally, light, clean woods round off the creation in a harmonious way.

Lofoten is an extrait de parfum that should appeal to anyone who prefers clean, minimalist and rather light creations. A hint of maritime freshness pervades the composition, which has a very calm, meditative and airy overall effect. With a light to medium presence and good longevity, this creation is the ideal companion for any occasion in the warmer months of the year. Beautiful! 💙

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