Valaya by Parfums de Marly – Pure and white at heart

Just yesterday I received a package from Essen, in which was a bottle of Valaya by Parfums de Marly. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Club Unique Brands for sending us the product. Valaya is the tenth women’s fragrance of the extremely popular luxury brand, which stands for high-end creations and wonderful compositions, some of which I have already had the pleasure of introducing to you here in the Duft-Tagebuch. If you want to browse, you can find all the English articles on Parfums de Marly here.

Parfums de Marly - Valaya

Founded in 2009 by Julien Sprecher, the fragrance house has a certain soft spot for thoroughbred horses – after all, a not inconsiderable number of creations from the house of Parfums de Marly bear the names of legendary steeds – and the courtly culture of 18th-century France, with all its splendour, its glamour, is also a welcome source of inspiration for the brand.

And so not only the fragrances are quite superb, but also the flacons are visually real eye-catchers. As already mentioned in my contribution to my Top 3 of 2022, it is always something special for me to hold a bottle in my hand for a review and to be able to enjoy the fragrance in its entirety, not only olfactorically, but also visually and haptically.

Valaya – the bottle

The bottle of Valaya is in the typical style of women’s fragrances of Parfums de Marly, in terms of shape and decoration. The waisted bottle is frosted transparent glass in this creation. The front as usual decorated with an ornamental frame. The lid is silver and has the brand logo all around. The top is crowned by a white faceted gemstone reminiscent of a diamond. Around the neck of the bottle – characteristic of the women’s fragrances of the niche fragrance label – wears a scarf made of a white cord, which is fixed by a silver bead and ends in two tassels. High-quality and noble looks the bottle of Valaya, very elegant and – despite the decorations – minimalist.

Parfums de Marly - Valaya

Valaya – the fragrance

The purity and clarity reflected by the bottle should also be found in the fragrance. Valaya is a creation dedicated to “the power of femininity” and intended to “evoke the delicate and pure skin of women in all its beauty”. Thus, in collaboration with perfumer Quentin Bisch, a composition was created that brings together the fragrance notes of bergamot, mandarin, peach, orange blossom, lily of the valley, floral notes, vetiver, woods, amber, vanilla and musk.

I don’t think I’m going too far out on a limb when I claim that we’re probably dealing with a clean scent here. An olfactory orientation that has not yet existed in this form in the Parfum de Marly portfolio. We know the label otherwise rather from lush creations, in which opulent flowers are used, from strong and intense compositions, often also oriental touched.

But of course, Parfums de Marly is also breaking new ground in its collection. Cassili, for example, from 2019, was the first gourmand fragrance in the portfolio of the brand with the dancing horses in the coat of arms. And so now a fragrance dedicated to the colour white, which combines purity and clarity with feminine notes.

Parfums de Marly - Valaya

“One of the biggest challenges was to create a fragrance that is fresh and delicate, but at the same time very powerful and expressive. Valaya evokes the feeling of cotton on the skin. A cocoon-like perfume that is sensual and elegant at the same time. A white perfume full of contrasts that is delicate yet incredibly attractive.” – Julien Sprecher

Olfactory snow white

Sprightly, fruity and incredibly fresh, Valaya opens the fragrance. Very bright and sparkling from the start thanks to citrus, but also soft and gentle, thanks to the peach that gives the creation a delicate and velvety sweetness. Light-flooded and ethereal, at the same time wonderfully creamy, the eau de parfum appears. Orange blossom and lily of the valley donate white and beguiling silky floral nuances, whose subtle orange fruitiness beautifully echo the tangy notes of the opening, giving the creation a certain lightness.

In the floral bouquet, I also perceive aquatic-like nuances that remind me of a gently rippling brook. In the opening still characterized by a fine coolness – which is also wonderfully reflected in the appearance of the bottle in my opinion – Valaya becomes somewhat warmer in the further course of the fragrance. The velvety and creamy nuances remain in the finish. The florals take a step back into the background, paving the way into a subtle, woody feel-good base that seems skin-like and familiar.

Parfums de Marly - Valaya

Valaya is a fresh, clear and gentle floral fragrance that is radiant, bright and pure. One of the fragrances reminiscent of freshly washed linen or cotton – which Julien Sprecher, after all, said was the target. Hesperides and a bouquet of white flowers meet velvety fruits and a base that oscillates between warm woody nuances and a fluffy cuddly mood. Splendid! I would classify the presence as light to medium, the durability as good. A fragrance that looks great on any occasion and is sure to please with its transparent, lucid and comforting nature. ☺️

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