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With Fatih Sultan Mehmed and Amber Absolutely by Fort & Manlé we dedicate ourselves not only to the second round of our small review series to the eaux de parfum, that recently arrived at Aus Liebe zum Duft , but we also travel into the past and take a look at a very special raw material. Magnificent and opulent is the look of the bottles with their touch of nostalgia, the many gold and the wonderfully ornate label and I hardly suspect that the creations are in no way inferior to this first visual impression.

Fort & Manlé - Amber Absolutely

Fatih Sultan Mehmed – Trip to Byzantium

The eau de parfum Fatih Sultan Mehmed is dedicated to Mehmed II, who ruled the Ottoman Empire in the 15th century and made a name for himself through his military and territorial successes. In terms of character, he was certainly not an easy person, who – it has to be said – was willing to kill for the preservation of his own power (which was quite common at that time). During its reign, the Ottoman Empire experienced its heyday, which secures him a very special place in world history to this day.

Even though the Renaissance began in Florence, it came of age when a young sultan took his throne in the Byzantine capital to the east. His passion for art, science and philosophy inspired a new and thriving culture of invention, innovation and reason. Known for his grandiose lifestyle and exquisite taste, his legacy remains unique.

Fort & Manlé - Fatih Sultan Mehmed

The fragrance was created by perfumer Rasei Fort with the ingredients bergamot, petitgrain, rose, tulip, iris, vanilla, amber, musk, patchouli, cedar, agarwood (oud) and benzoin resin.

Oriental fragrance dream

In the opening of Fatih Sultan Mehmed, refreshingly tangy citrus notes meet with sweet-sweet notes, underpinned by the subtly smoky and tart-earthy nuances of agarwood and patchouli. The eau de parfum plays with contrasts from the very beginning. Light meets dark, tart meets sweet, earthy meets floral. In doing so, Rasei Fort creates a scent that is profound yet airy, transparent yet present.

Over time, the fragrance drifts over into calmer waters. A fruity sweetness determines Fatih Sultan Mehmed in the further course, which is gradually joined by the warm and spicy notes that I would assign to amber, iris, vanilla and musk. The composition seems to have opted for the lighter side of power, as the tart and dark facets of the opener are no longer to be sniffed out. Very slowly and gradually, Fort & Manlé’s eau de parfum fades away.

Fort & Manlé - Fatih Sultan Mehmed

Fatih Sultan Mehmed is a spicy and sweet fragrance that plays with a wide variety of notes. The smoky-woody nuances of agarwood are intermittently present in the creation, as is patchouli. The focus is rather on lovely and fruity accents, on soft and honeyed flowers and fine spices. Provided with excellent durability and a medium presence, Fatih Sultan Mehmed by Fort & Manlé is quite wearable on any occasion, any season and at any age.

Amber Absolutely – All on Amber

I am particularly looking forward to Amber Absolutely. I’ve been cold all day, so I’m hoping for a warming, spicy and wonderfully comforting creation that will put me in an absolute feel-good mood. It should be clear which ingredient Rasei Fort wants to set an olfactory monument with this fragrance.

The fragrance notes sound exceedingly tempting: plum, amber, benzoin resin, labdanum (cistus), musk, honey, rose, vetiver and cedar are the ingredients of this certainly not only visually exceedingly attractive eau de parfum.

Fort & Manlé - Amber Absolutely

Seductive attraction
Unforgiving invitation
Lush and bold
Timeless longing
Appetite aroused
The embrace of the lover
Two become one forever

intoxicating – mysterious – classic

As if dipped in honey, this is how Amber Absolutely appears from the first sniff. Dark plum meets leathery amber, plus golden honey that gently flows around the notes. The scent is almost liqueur-like at times, a bit boozy, like pickled dried fruit. Balsamic and resinous nuances contributes labdanum, which underlines and intensifies the leathery facets of ambergris.

I do not perceive the flowers per se as a single fragrance note, they rather merge with the already mentioned ingredients, underline them and emphasize them. Gold-coloured, the creation shimmers until it finally fades with soapy-clean cedarwood, still leathery-warm ambergris and soft musk powder.

Amber Absolutely is a fall and winter scent for me, with wonderfully warm and cosy notes. Honey meets amber, leather and resins meet fruit and liqueur. Perfect for cooler days like today, when the cold wind blows around your nose and the rain clouds hang dark and low in the sky. In the typical Fort & Manlé style, the eau de parfum finds the perfect balance between opulence and transparency, making it the perfect fragrance companion for any occasion. For friends of leathery amber, warm spices and golden honey in fragrance form.

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