Tyrenum and Akragas by Tiziana Terenzi – Journey to the sea

These days it goes quickly and every day new great fragrances come into the store of Aus Liebe zum Duft. My review box is again filled to the brim, and it is almost difficult for me to decide which olfactory treasures I present to you first. For today’s article, I have chosen two new creations by Tiziana TerenziTyrenum and Akragas – with which the lively Italian once again brings us closer to her homeland.

Near Agrigento, Sicily
Photo by Roger Lipera on Unsplash

Southern Italy is our destination today. Once the heel of the Italian boot, once the southern Sicily. In both cases, Tiziana Terenzi refers to cities that can look back on a remarkable history far into antiquity.

Tyrenum – Apulia’s magic

Tyrenum is a tribute to the southern Italian region of Puglia, which many of you surely know from the famous spire-like trulli buildings around Ostuni. However, Tiziana Terenzi takes us to another corner of this beautiful area. Located a little over a hundred kilometers northeast by the sea, our fragrance journey begins today in Trani, a small coastal town that was still called “Turenum” in the days of Roman antiquity. Enchanting is the port of the city with its countless yachts, sailboats and fishing boats. Directly on the sea is also the limestone-white cathedral, whose beautiful architecture adds to the special charm of the port of Trani.

On one of their numerous trips through their homeland, the brother and sister Tiziana and Paolo Terenzi must have passed by that very village. The scent of the salty sea air, the sun of southern Italy, the azure blue Adriatic Sea, the brilliant white backdrop of the coastal city inspired the Terenzis to create Tyrenum, for which they combined the fragrance notes of bergamot, orange, green tea, osmanthus, caramel, black pepper, pink pepper, cardamom, woods, patchouli, musk, amber and vanilla.

Port of Trani, Puglia
Photo by Diego Geraldi on Unsplash

Tyrenum captures the essence of the sea breeze on summer evenings by the sea at sunset, sweet, romantic, unforgettable.

Adriatic Sea in the evening

Even though these are not explicitly mentioned in the official fragrance notes, Tyrenum starts the scent with rich salty notes. Tart and tangy citrus underpins the saltiness, as does a subtle osmanthus creaminess with lovely peachy notes inherent. The extrait de parfum has a maritime feel and is thus far away from the aquatic shower gel accents often found in conventional fragrances.

No, Tyrenum is salty, carries sunscreen notes and a velvety aura that, for me, perfectly reflects that blue hour of dawn when the sun has just sunk behind the horizon and the world is bathed in a very special, almost mystical light. Warm woods, powdery musk and soft amber add cozy accents to the finish of Tyrenum.

Tiziana Terenzi - Tyrenum

Tyrenum by Tiziana Terenzi enchants with beautifully salty notes, fresh citrus, spices and a warm-woody base, resulting in a maritime-inspired creation that is entirely devoid of aquatic water nuances. Very coherent, harmonious and quite perfectly suitable even for marine fragrance skeptics or newcomers. I would classify the presence as good, as well as the durability. Ideal summer temperatures and for office and everyday life. 🙂

Akragas – Sicily South

The journey continues from Puglia, located on the Adriatic Sea, to the island of Sicily. In the far south, near the brilliant white limestone terraces Scala dei Turchi, lies the town of Agrigento, formerly known as Akragas. Here you can find the “Valley of the Temples”, where you can admire numerous ruins from Ancient Greece, because the now Italian island was colonized by the Greeks in ancient times – like many other parts of southern Italy.

Salt is also a determining olfactory factor in Akragas. The press text explicitly emphasizes a large salt tunnel near the city. Brief research revealed that this must be the one at Realmonte, which is so huge that the adit workers even carved an underground cathedral out of the salt.

With the fragrance notes of myrtle, seaweed, grapefruit, neroli, salty notes, cedar, thyme, geranium, musk, benzoin, patchouli and vanilla, Tiziana Terenzi olfactorically translates the unique maquis landscape of southern Sicily.

Macchia or sea?

Greenish and herbaceous, Akragas opens with the tart and edgy notes of myrtle and thyme. I also already sense the iodine accents of the seaweed, infused with a certain spicy pungency. Gradually, cool, salty nuances and aromatic-intense cedar notes appear, giving the fragrance depth and volume.

The fact that the eponymous town is not on the coast but somewhat inland is excellently portrayed in Akragas. For me, the salty hints of the creation carry few marine nuances, but rather reflect the salt tunnel and the maquis that characterizes the landscape of southern Sicily. With spicy and herbaceous salt notes, Akragas gradually fades after a long time.

Tiziana Terenzi - Akragas

Akragas by Tiziana Terenzi is a spicy and herbaceous-salty fragrance that features lush myrtle, with pungent thyme and aromatic cedar. An edgy and maverick creation that appears tart, maritime and extremely Mediterranean, and all of that without the otherwise typical and often cologne-like citrus tones that Mediterranean fragrances usually like to carry. I would classify presence and durability as medium. For those who love salty and ocean-inspired fragrances, who are addicted to the beauty of Sicily and prefer herbaceous creations, Akragas could be the perfect summer scent. 🙂

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