Interview with Eve Neuberger and Francesco Alessandro Il Grande from Venti4

I already introduced you to Venti4’s four creations last year (read it here), but today I present my interview with the brand’s owners Eve Neuberger – a native German who now calls Italy home – and Francesco Alessandro Il Grande.

The two have developed a special concept according to which the four fragrances of the brand are to be shown off to their best advantage. “Tailored to the skin” is the name of this approach, which Eve and Alessandro would like to introduce to us in more detail in today’s interview.

Welcome to the Duft-Tagebuch: Eve Neuberger and Francesco Alessandro Il Grande! 🙂

Eve Neuberger, Venti4
Eve Neuberger

Dear Eve, dear Alessandro, what do you think is special about Venti4 fragrances?

Alessandro: Fragrances are the mirror of our Italian lifestyle. It’s like a small detail that makes you feel different every time you wear Venti4. A perfume tailored to your skin, because Italian beauty is brilliance, creativity and imagination.
Venti4 is – Qualcosa di Bianco, Verde e Rosso – which means “Something white, green and red”. It takes us back to the time of the concept of wearing something that speaks to us and has meaning to us.

Can you tell us in a few words about each fragrance in your collection?

Eve: It is a collection of feelings inspired by our colours: the Italian colours Verde, Bianco, Rosso and Vorrei, which is our desire.

Bianco – Pure: The light is the miracle, the energy that remains on the skin.
Verde – Spirit of Nature: A sacred place surrounded by flowers and plants that go to our heads.
Rosso – joy of life: see the joy with your own eyes and smell the passion with your own nose.
Vorrei – Desire is our fuel: a moment of an unforgettable journey.

Vorrei is my start in Italy and the desire and excitement of a new phase of life that begins. Rosso is my passion for the authentic and noble Tuscan sounds, craftsmanship and the wonderful red wine. Bianco reflects my inner well-being that I have acquired over the years here in Italy, and Verde is the ultimate representation of my love for nature and my favorite place for the Italian lifestyle on Lago di Como.

Venti4 - "Tailored to the Skin" Concept

Can you explain your special “Tailored to the skin” concept?

Alessandro: Venti4 fragrances are extraits de parfum and because of the high concentration, we have to learn to wear them differently. Every day we have different feelings and emotions. To wear an extract that supports our well-being, we must understand that fragrances tailored to our skin do their best when applied to the proposed area of the body.

How did you go about developing this particular concept?

Eve: We wanted to bring the feeling of the Italian lifestyle as close as possible to our customers’ skin. While we were working on the development of the fragrances, we realized that the best way to achieve this result was with an Extrait de Parfum. We have combined the extract with different body temperatures that vary from body zone to body zone. This allowed us to perfectly express and achieve the desired result. Once you try the concept we have developed, you understand how far you can go and what wonderful results you can achieve by applying the Extrait de Parfum to the different parts of the body.

Venti4 - Bianco, Rosso, Verde and Vorrei

According to this concept, should you always wear all fragrances together, or can you also combine them as you like?

Alessandro: We suggest applying your favourite fragrance to the specified body part first, then experimenting and figuring out how to get closer to the concept by applying more Extrait de Parfum to different body parts. Bianco in the upper part of the body, Verde in the middle and Rosso in the lower part of the body, mixed with Vorrei – and you have the authentic scent of our Italian lifestyle.

What is the meaning of the colours of the fragrances?

Eve: Three of the colors are inspired by the Italian flag, but this one was born from change, and we don’t focus on that message. All elements were created, elaborated and defined by small, local Italian artisans who appreciate and value their craft. Various lifestyle elements have inspired the brand.

Can the creations be worn independently of the concept? Or in your opinion, should the order location always remain true to the concept?

Eve: You can wear the perfume on any part of the body, the secret is the result. If you love Bianco, you can wear it where you prefer. We recommend using it in the upper part of the body, because according to our concept, this is the best place to smell and experience the mood we want to convey.
The Italian lifestyle of being pure and mindful, like an Italian garden of white flowers, mixed with the scent of nuts and a touch of Mediterranean labdanum aromatic and enveloping. When you wear the perfume on your arm, you have no chance to smell all these ingredients. The body is the classic olfactory pyramid.

Venti4 - Collage

Anything else you would like to add?

Eve: I think a fundamental aspect is that this concept was not developed by an Italian or an Italian, but by a German who now calls Italy her home. Only a foreigner can discover all these aspects. And thanks to my know-how, my savoir-faire and my love for the Italian lifestyle, I had the ability to recognize and transfer all these important aspects.

All of this has gone into this concept and is reflected in the product. For example we
used a special fabric for the interior of the box. We have designed a personalized flacon cover inspired by the creations of Ettore Sottsass – a famous Austrian-Italian designer – and we have made them from recycled materials from the fashion world.

Dear Eve, dear Alessandro, thank you very much for taking the time to answer my questions.

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