Cèdre Superfluide by Les Eaux Primordiales – In the heart of Morocco

With Cèdre Superfluide, Les Eaux Primordiales once again takes us to Morocco after Néroli Supercritique (read review here). But not the so popular Marrakech shall be our destination, but the Atlas Mountains. Admittedly, the way from one to the other is not far, because the “Red City” – as Marrakech is also called – is located directly north on the edge of the mountain range.

Les Eaux Primordiales - Cèdre Superfluide

In the heights of Morocco

The Atlas Mountains run right across Morocco – starting on the Atlantic coast, moving up to the Mediterranean coast and also running through Algeria and Tunisia. It is composed of several different smaller mountain ranges, such as the well-known High Atlas with an altitude of over 4100 m, the Middle Atlas in the north, the Anti Atlas in the south, and several others.

The folded mountains were formed due to their plate tectonic position and, accordingly, are also located in an area threatened by earthquakes. The Atlas is rich in mineral resources such as ores, minerals and precious metals. There are also gas and coal deposits in the mountain range. Numerous imposing to picturesque gorges and plateaus can be found there, which makes the region interesting for trekking tourists, among others.

In earlier times, the Atlas Mountains were densely forested. Nowadays, in addition to cork oaks, maquis, argan trees and pines, there are also numerous cedars. Which brings us to the protagonist of today’s post: the Atlas cedar.

Les Eaux Primordiales - Cèdre Superfluide

Tree of the mountain: Atlas cedar

Cèdre Superfluide by Les Eaux Primordiales is dedicated to that very Atlas cedar – or Cedrus atlantica – and in the blue variant, which is nicknamed “Glauca”. Native to the Altas Mountains, which give it its name, and growing here mainly at an altitude of between 1000 and almost 2000 m, often associated with Algiers fir and Aleppo pine, the Atlas cedar is known for its resistance to drought and heat. In the meantime also used in this country in warmer regions as an ornamental tree, the wood of the tree has been used since ancient times, especially for religious buildings or sacred elements.

The powerful yet refined scent of cedar wood transports us to the peaks of the Atlas Mountains at dusk. (…) The Blue Atlas Cedar is an aromatic wood from the highlands of Morocco. It symbolizes immortality and was once used for the construction of the temples of Babylon.

Its essential oil pampers the body and mind with its myriad benefits. The aromatic, woody notes make it an important ingredient in perfumery. Although Atlas cedar is a difficult raw material to work with, its character brings smoky and camphor notes that add exquisite power and elegance to any perfume.

Les Eaux Primordiales - Cèdre Superfluide

Arnaud Poulain, founder of the brand Les Eaux Primordiales, is a great fan of this particular tree and loves the scent of cedar wood, its distinctive and varied notes that have made the essential oil and the wood a sought-after raw material for centuries. As usual in collaboration with perfumer Amélie Bourgeois, Poulain developed the cedar fragrance of the Superfluide line from the ingredients pink pepper, thyme, Atlas cedarwood, immortelle (Italian strawflower), plum, rose, ambroxan, saffron, sandalwood and vanilla.

Cèdre Superfluide – in all its glory

With spicy herbal notes and a subtle spiciness, Cèdre Superfluide starts the fragrance progression. Warm and incredibly aromatic woody nuances combine with the herbaceous fruit accents of immortelle, which carry a honeyed sweetness. Plum is also found in these rather dark fruity accords. Calm and comforting effect of the fragrance, relaxing and also contemplative.

At the same time, the eau de parfum is always wonderfully balanced and never too present despite its quite intensity. The rose blends with the densely woven carpet of fragrance of this beautiful and complex creation, breathing into it a touch of lightness, of airy floral sweetness. In the base, the balsamic velvety nuances of sandalwood, the profound spiciness of saffron and vanilla-amber accents join the warm cedar notes in Cèdre Superfluide to gently finish this in a simply delightful way.

Les Eaux Primordiales - Cèdre Superfluide

How wonderfully did the duo Amélie Bourgeois and Arnaud Poulain Cèdre Superfluide? I am really over the moon. A beautiful woody scent full of warmth, lush yet also gentle spice, accented by delicate florals, dark fruits and a few herbs as an added gimmick. The eau de parfum is round, coherent and harmonious in itself, a fragrance that envelops, caresses and comforts like an embrace. An elegant, modern and timeless unisex creation that for me fits perfectly in the cooler season and can be worn here at any age and for any occasion. Not only for friends of wood fragrances, I hereby speak an absolute test recommendation! 🙂

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