Interview with Anna Hegeman and Patrick Munsters of Salle Privée

It’s time again for an interview in the Duft-Tagebuch, and today I am very pleased to welcome Anna Hegeman and Patrick Munsters, who are together behind the fragrance house Salle Privée. A Dutch brand that is fully committed to art and design and combines the two with high-quality niche fragrances. Here I have linked you the previous post in English about Salle Privée in the Duft-Tagebuch. Just last fall I was allowed to review the two beautiful creations, Legal and Illegal, which absolutely thrilled me. But now it’s best to let the two main players have their say and tell us a little about themselves and their label.

Welcome to the Duft-Tagebuch: Anna Hegeman and Patrick Munsters! 🙂

Anna Hegeman
Anna Hegeman

Dear Anna, dear Patrick, it’s so nice to have you here. The first question goes to you, Patrick. Salle Privée is not the first brand you have made successful. Originally you come from the fashion industry. Can you tell us a little bit about your background?

Patrick: True. I worked in fashion for a long time, but always had a passion for fragrances and collected scents and perfumes from all over the world. The love of creating them myself was born when I developed a perfume for my old fashion brand. The process of creation is extremely fascinating, with the endless possibilities and combinations of ingredients.

Did you know that every person starts forming their “scent library” right after they are born? Scents form really strong triggers for memories, also subconsciously. We love to play with that concept.

Then fragrances have always been a part of your life? Do you have a certain scent in your nose when you think about your childhood?

Anna: I remember the smell of warm summers in Switzerland, walking through the corridors of my aunt’s house. That’s what Legal reminds me of. Looking out of the window seeing the mountains and a big palm tree.
Patrick: My mother had a perfume of Christian Dior called Miss Dior. The box and bottle had a Pied de Poule black & white print. I remember even as kid being fascinated by this scent but also the branding.

Patrick Munsters
Patrick Munsters

And what makes Salle Privée fragrances special and unique for you?

Patrick: The moment you put it on it really becomes yours, merging with your own scent, and it gives you that emotional comfort. All the scents are special to me because they all have their own story to tell. On one level: Their names in combination with the scent and the color. But on an emotional level they represent memories that can be mine, but also yours.
Anna: I love that they fit different moods so well. Every morning I look at them and go for the one that represent best how I feel that day.

Salle Privée is a fashion and perfume label that now focuses on fragrances. You say that your creations are like a fragrance wardrobe. What exactly do you mean by that?

Patrick: I believe you can wear scents like you wear clothes, you don’t wear the same clothes to every occasion, why should you wear the same scent to go to work as to a restaurant.
Anna: I agree, and I even like to layer them, start with one in the morning, and then spray another on top to “refresh” in the evening.

Salle Privée fragrances
Image from Facebook

If you had to translate each of your scents into an emotion, what would it be?

Anna: Le Temps Perdu, melancholy.
Patrick: No! Animalistic …
Anna: See. 🙂 It’s so personal. For me the name influences the scent so when I visualize Le Temps Perdu I feel memories and get a morose feeling. But you are right, many people can’t get enough of this almost animalistic, addictive scent.
Patrick: Celluloid Heroes: wearing a crisp white shirt. Super 8: creative. Kham-sin: when you want to feel warm and cozy on a rainy day.
Anna: Monochrome: Well groomed, and artistic in a minimalistic way. Concorde: Boozy, big and delicious. Legal: Happy! Illegal: Cheeky, special and intense.

Where do you get the inspiration for new creations?

Patrick: Always from the visual and the name first. Only after the visualization we get to the scent.
Anna: We can walk somewhere, see something on a billboard and all of the sudden say to each other, what a great name for a perfume! We write them on a big list and go back to it when we are set to develop the next scent.

Image from Facebook

Do you have a favorite scent in your collection?

Anna: I feel like Legal is a bit mine. I was following my memory. And I wear Super 8 a lot.
Patrick: Le Temps Perdu and Concorde.

What can we expect for the future of Salle Privée?

Anna: So many things! New scents, interesting collabs, and a few special projects we can’t say too much about…

Dear Anna, dear Patrick, thank you very much for taking the time to answer my questions.

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