Encelade by Marc-Antoine Barrois – The scent of the ice moon

Just in time for the launch of Encelade by Marc-Antoine Barrois, we present you this eau de parfum also here in the Duft-Tagebuch of Aus Liebe zum Duft. This means that the review series on the new Snake Collecton fragrances by Stéphane Humbert Lucas will be interrupted for a short time. Tomorrow, however, we will continue with it. This blog post shall be fully dedicated to Encelade, with which the extremely likeable French couturier Marc-Antoine Barrois expands his fragrance collection.

Marc-Antoine Barrois - Encelade

Into the middle of the universe – Marc-Antoine Barrois

After the launch of B683 in 2016, Ganymede followed in 2019. In 2020, the Extrait of B683 was added and in 2022, Encelade. All fragrances have in common that they are inspired by planets or their names. Marc-Antoine Barrois explained to us how the first creation, B683, came to be named in a joint interview almost exactly a year ago (read it here). His love for the book “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry provided the template, because the home planet of the crowned protagonist is B612.

Ganymede is a moon of Jupiter, and similarly, the real-life model for today’s star in the olfactory ring. Encelade is one of Saturn’s larger moons and is exceedingly bright – due to its surface being covered by a thick layer of ice. It is believed that there is liquid water under the ice sheet, possibly a vast sea.

Again and again, high water fountains break through the ice cover and the falling water solidifies on its surface. In technical terminology, this geological phenomenon is called cryovolcanism. The Cassini spacecraft flew past Encelade several times starting in 2005 as part of its mission to study Saturn and its satellites, providing important data and imagery.

Encelade – The scent of the ice moon

By the way, the name of the icy moon Encelade comes from John Herschel, astronomer and son of Wilhelm Herschel, who detected the satellite in the firmament in 1789. In Greek mythology, Enceladus is a Titan, the son of Gaia and Uranus – Earth and Heaven in god form – who was killed by Athena in a battle between giants and gods.

Legend has it that he was buried under the lands of Sicily and that he still breathes through the vapors and eruptions of the volcano Etna.

Like all Marc-Antoine Barrois fragrances, Encelade was created by the wonderful perfumer Quentin Bisch, whom we know from so many great creations. He worked for Parfums de Marly, as well as for Maison Crivelli, for Les Liquides Imaginaires and État Libre d’Oranger, to stay within the scope of the compositions available at Aus Liebe zum Duft. But he has also been creative for Jean-Paul Gaultier, Mugler, Paco Rabanne, Dolce & Gabbana, Chloé and Missoni, among many, many other brands.

Marc-Antoine Barrois - Encelade

Rhubarb, vetiver, Atlas cedarwood, tonka bean and sandalwood are the ingredients of this fragrance, which is intended to combine the freshness of the icy moon with the purely hypothetical idea of a green jungle on the surface of Saturn’s satellite. A surprising thesis that I am more than curious to see put into practice.

How does Encelade smell?

I don’t know about you, but I do like rhubarb. The sweet and sour spring vegetable with the much too short culinary availability, as a cake, compote or accompanied by fresh strawberries and a touch of mint … delicious! So I’m pleased that the vegetable, used far too rarely in fragrances, is allowed to exude its very special olfactory charm more than generously in Encelade. The opening of the latest eau de parfum by Marc-Antoine Barrois is rhubarb in its purest form, perhaps its most beautiful form.

Sparkling, sweet, tart and infused with a fine astringency, Encelade presents itself at the beginning with the refreshing, spring-like notes of rhubarb, which is soon joined by creamy and delicately earthy vetiver. Together they indulge in their fragrant existence, until very gradually the coumarin spice of the tonka bean creeps onto the olfactory stage. Greenish, Encelade appears from the first sniff, the appearance of the black spice bean further emphasizes this coloring with the typical notes reminiscent of hay. On the finish, the woods show up, with subtle-leathery and aromatic-bright facets that give the creation durability and added depth.

Marc-Antoine Barrois - Encelade

Not only rhubarb fans will certainly enjoy Encelade by Marc-Antoine Barrois! I fell for the fragrance at the first sniff. Its greenish freshness, the cool, sweet-sour rhubarb notes so authentically, so beautifully realized, underpinned by the creamy earthiness of the vetiver, the hay-like spiciness of the tonka bean and rounded off by sweetly aromatic woods… Wow! Quentin Bisch and Marc-Antoine Barrois have really created here a fragrant work of art, which in my eyes is rather something for the warmer season, but feels good in all situations of life. My sample goes straight into my daily-use box and will be emptied in the next few weeks for sure. 🙂 Who of you is also such a big rhubarb fan?

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