L’Heure Verte from The Liquors Collection by Kilian – À votre santé!

L’Heure Verte by Kilian has been in my sample box for a while now and is eagerly waiting to be reviewed by me finally. I no longer want to refuse the eau de parfum this wish, also because I have held it in my hands many times, only to give – carefully weighing – another creation the advantage But today it should be at a point, where L’Heure Verte gets its olfactory stage here in the Duft-Tagebuch and will hopefully enchant me and you

The fragrance house itself should be a familiar name to most of you. However, since we are always pleased to welcome new readers here, I would like to give you at least a brief overview of who we are dealing with here. The Kilian brand was founded by Kilian Hennessy, whose grandfather established the famous LVMH Group, which stands for pure luxury like almost nothing else. More than seventy brands belong to the said group, from the most diverse industries and sectors, but always extremely exclusive and elite. It all started in the 18th century with Hennessy cognac. In the 1970s and 1980s, Hennessy merged with the champagne brand Moët & Chandon and the luxury fashion label Louis Vuitton, marking the birth of the LVMH Group.

Kilian - L'Heure Verte

L’Heure Verte – The Liquors Collection

L’Heure Verte belongs to The Liquors collection, which is – you could already guess – about fragrances around alcoholic beverages of spiritous kind. I’ve already introduced you to two of the pretties, namely the two Eaux de Parfum Angels’ Share and Roses on Ice (read about them here). The brand’s proximity to hard liquor is already evident from the company’s history, and Kilian Hennessy also seems to have a penchant for drinks that are as luxurious as they are delicious, for there is hardly any other way to explain this homage to the high-proof spirit. 😉

The creation L’Heure Verte – translated as “the green hour” – revolves around the in-drink of 19th century intellectuals and bohemians: absinthe. The vermouth was considered a source of inspiration and muse of artists and writers, and many a glass was raised for the purposes of inspiration. But the bright green liquor was not only popular in intellectual circles.

In Paris and other major cities, it was already in the middle of the 19th century en vogue to consume a glass of absinthe already in the afternoon in a café or bistro. The time between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. quickly became popular as “green hour”, as “L’Heure Verte”. However, after the excessive and regular consumption of the spirit led to noticeable failure symptoms and physical impairments – which were attributed to the nerve poison thujone contained in wormwood – absinthe was finally banned at the beginning of the 20th century.

Kilian - L'Heure Verte

The fragrant absinthe interpretation from the house of Kilian was created by perfumer Mathieu Nardin with the ingredients patchouli, woods, vetiver and sandalwood. The creation was the first time Nardin and Kilian worked together. I am curious how the result of the collaboration smells.

An ode to absinthe – L’Heure Verte

Immediately after spraying, I perceive on skin and paper a delicate and cool anise scent, light, lucid and transparent, but still present. I am thrilled by the fineness and the gentle fragrance, which actually reminds me of those very high-proof drinks from the league of Absinthe, Pernod and Pastis, without carrying the sharpness of the alcohol, which is inherent in the Asinée despite dilution with water – in my opinion, anyway.

No, L’Heure Verte from Kilian is smooth, soft and round like a noble cognac – only as absinthe. Herbaceous and greenish, underpinned by spicy nuances and with a woody, warm sweetness. Patchouli and sandalwood show up here, as does the aforementioned vetiver. In combination with the delicate and also in the further course of the fragrance clearly perceptible cool absinthe note, results here, for me a noble and absolutely coherent homage to the inspiring liquor with the green fairy.

Kilian - L'Heure Verte

Although a glass of absinthe can certainly knock you out, L’Heure Verte does not – at least not in terms of its presence and intensity. Because the eau de parfum offers well-dosed scenting and is rather fine and distinguished-restrained than too lush. A creation with spicy-green herbal notes, a really nice, not too sweet warmth and gentle anise facets on top, which should not only go down well with fans of the Kilian fragrance house. I, for one, am very taken with it because it’s actually something different from what you’re generally used to. Despite all its unusualness, however, L’Heure Verte always appears so distinguished, stylish and elegant that the fragrance could be described with a clear conscience as a year-, age- and occasion-independent all-rounder. My tip – not only for absinthe friends: definitely test! 🙂

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