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The travel-loving fragrance label Simone Andreoli brings us to the archipelago of Hawaii with Born from Fire. Eau de Parfum Intense Sunplosion also treats the same subject, each creation in its own and very special way. While Sunplosion – which I absolutely have yet to review – is all about the fruity-floral facets of Hawaii and pays homage to them with scents like mango, coconut, lime and hibiscus, Born from Fire is a tribute to the scenic side of Hawaii and its geographic and geological features.

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Dance on the volcano

As you surely all know, volcanic activity is responsible for the formation of the islands of Hawaii, where, as a result, there are numerous active and inactive volcanoes. On Big Island alone, the largest of the islands, there are five fire-breathing mountains (some scientists even speak of seven). But Born from Fire by Simone Andreoli is explicitly about another island in the group, Maui. Here, the press text highlights a black sand beach described as “legendary”.

To all appearances, this is Holokalani Beach, located in Waiʻanapanapa State Park in the far east of the Hawaiian island of Maui (see photo below). The black sand on this beach meets azure sea, along with lush green vegetation. The coloring of this beach must be exceedingly impressive. The image below probably only begins to reflect this. Maybe one of you has ever been there?

Of course, Maui is not the only place with a black sand beach. They can also be found on Big Island, as well as on Iceland and the Canary Islands. The common denominator of these islands is that they are all of volcanic origin. The black sand is thus nothing more than lava flowing to the sea during a volcanic eruption, which over the centuries and millennia has been ground into more or less fine sand or pebbles.

An intense and fiery sweetness, an exotic and seductive magma that releases the volcanic soul of a lush archipelago born of fire and eruptions.

Born from Fire – Simone Andreoli

Incidentally, the island of Maui bears the name of the Polynesian demigod Māui, who was worshiped as the bringer of fire. In the mythology of the Hawaiians, there is explicitly a goddess of volcanoes and fire, who is called Pele and – according to legend – is responsible for the formation of Hawaii and the volcanoes on it. Here, the saga worlds of the Pacific region partially overlap and diverge.

Scientifically, however, there is no doubt about the volcanic origin of the islands and so the name Born from Fire fits perfectly to this Hawaii homage, which carries with the fragrance notes agarwood (oud), saffron, black pepper, vanilla, caramel, rose, amber, vetiver, cashmere and amyris purely from the reading quite oriental-spicy features.

Simone Andreoli - Born from Fire
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Fragrant fire child

Soft and velvety, Born on Fire opens with the dark incense notes of oud, which combines with subtle soapy rose and the caramel nuances of toasted sugar. Fresh floral, spicy and resinous is the Eau de Parfum Intense, light, transparent and lush at the same time. The rose occupies a central place in the creation, is the linchpin of the composition.

The combination of rose and oud is of course not new, and in my eyes also exhausted to some extent. But this agarwood-rose melange reveals its own fascinating facets. Precisely because, the flower here determines the scent progression, while the incense wood plays only a subordinate role and has – with caramel and spices – rather an underlining function.

Soft earthy and creamy vetiver finally joins in, as well as the powdery woody nuances of cashmere wool, ambergris and amyris, which give the fragrance a smooth, cozy and warm atmosphere.

Simone Andreoli - Born from Fire

Born from Fire is certainly not a fragrance explosion, no olfactory fireworks, as the name might suggest. I was actually expecting a more lush, intense and wild creation, with distinct smoky notes, rocky mineral hints and a raw, lava-like soul. However, testing reveals to me a gentle and peaceful fragrance that revolves around a bright, fresh and soapy rose that combines with darker, spicy and woody-gourmand nuances. Nevertheless, Born from Fire by Simone Andreoli remains a friendly fragrance companion with a medium presence and good durability. Seasonally and in terms of wearing opportunities, it is an all-rounder that once again proves the special class of creations from the fragrance house of Simone Andreoli. Who of you already knows Born from Fire?

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