Scented candles, diffusers and more from Carrière Frères – How that smells

The room fragrances of Carrière Frères, the brand that has recently arrived at Aus Liebe zum Duft, are already visually enchanting with their nostalgic plant décor, which has a stylish vintage touch. Splendid! At first glance, this already looks like spring, good mood, sun and mild temperatures. But who exactly is behind the brand Carrière Frères? And how do the manifold scented candles, room sprays and diffusers smell?

Carrière Frères – Botanical Set
Botanical Set by Facebook

Committed to tradition

The Carriére brothers – i.e. the Carrière Frères – acquired the venerable Royal Wax Manufactory at the end of the 19th century, which you are certainly familiar with under the name Trudon or Cire Trudon. On the one hand convinced of the traditional recipes of the manufactory, which the brothers also wanted to preserve, they also cherished the desire to be able to implement their ideas and creations independently and innovatively. And so they founded the brand Carrière Frères, whose products for room scenting are then as now produced in the Trudon manufactory in Normandy.

As usual at Trudon, every single candle is made by hand in loving detail, namely every single step of the manufacturing process. The wicks are fixed in the middle of the glasses, then the hot wax is carefully filled. During cooling, the wick, which tends to tilt to the side due to the heat of the wax, is still aligned in such a way that it really sits perfectly in the middle of the glass. And all this is done by hand. Insane, I think.

Let’s move on to the visuals, which in my eyes – I repeat myself, I know – are simply enchanting. The botanical illustrations on the jars and outer packaging remind me of old textbooks, educational charts and nostalgic garden books with their stunning nature-themed illustrations. Ernst Haeckel’s works, for example, come to mind.

Carrière Frères – Pirum

Naturally beautiful – the room fragrances by Carrière Frère

The plant-rich appearance of the packaging and labels of scented candles, diffusers and room sprays is no coincidence. The Carrière Frères brand tries to produce as sustainably and resource-conserving as possible, and also pays attention to environmental friendliness and ethical standards in the raw materials it uses.

Even the packaging complies with a responsible and transparent approach: recycled glass, packaging made of FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) cardboard, 100% natural alcohol, untreated rattan sticks, cork tops – every component is chosen to reduce the footprint of the brand.

Carrière Frères’ portfolio includes a variety of scented candles, diffusers and room sprays. Yes, even fragrant octagons made of wax, so-called botanical palets, are part of the range. At Aus Liebe zum Duft you will now find an extensive selection, that should surely have something for everyone. A slew of them has also landed with me at the Baltic Sea and these I would like to present to you in the following.

Carrière Frères – Mentha Spicata
Mentha Spicata by Carrière Frères

The scented candles by Carrière Frères

Pirum – Menthe Verte – Botanical Set

A room fragrance with pear is just right for me. That’s why I was particularly pleased that this scented candle Pirum pictured above was included in my sample package from Carrière Frères. Currently, this is not available at Aus Liebe zum Duft, but I will see if this will change. To its fragrance, I can tell you: Delicious! Sweet, fruity and tender at the same time. Even in the unlit state, the scent is easily perceptible within a certain radius around the candle. When inflamed, the fragrance becomes slightly lighter, more ethereal, but remains the same from the basic tenor. For those with a preference for sweet and fruity room scents, Pirum should be just right. Beautiful!

Mentha Spicata, on the other hand, can be purchased in the shop and pleases me as well, because a good minty scent is also not to be despised. And as just such a scented candle Mentha Spicata presents itself, which provides a beautiful stage for spearmint. Green, fresh, but also carrying that aromatic sweetness for which this species of mint is so well known and loved. Very authentic, refreshing and springlike, but at the same time exceedingly relaxed and contemplative.

Also in this scented candle, the scent is more intense when unlit, while the inflamed version appears a little more transparent. But – I can tell you this – the room scenting with the candles by Carrières Frères still works amazingly. The fragrance is not intrusive and has a light effect, so even smaller rooms are not overperfumed. In our house, the smell of the scented candles is also wonderfully and discreetly perceptible across floors, without ever having a disturbing effect.

Carrière Frères – Botanical Set
Botanical Set by Carrière Frères

To conclude my little scented candle presentation, I would like to introduce you to the beautiful trio called Botanical Set. A limited edition, which is also ideal as a gift. The candles in the set are naturally a little smaller than the conventional scented candles, which weigh 185 g. The smaller scented candles of the limited edition trio have a filling weight of 70 g each. Lycopersicon Esculentum, Citrus Dulcis and Aloysia Citrodora are included in the Botanical Set by Carrière Frères, i.e. tomato, orange blossom and verbena.

I swing the matches right away to go to the fragrant tooth of the waxy fellows. I’ll start with the tomato – Lycopersicon Esculentum – which I was particularly looking forward to. First to the unlit olfactory impression: sweet, fruity, with subtly spicy-aromatic tomato leaf notes. Overall, however, I would say that the scented candle focuses more on the fruit than on the leaves. Inflamed, the leaf character comes into play a little more and the sweetness fades into the background. The scent is indeed reminiscent of tomato leaf green and additionally carries gentle fruity notes.

Citrus Dulcis – the orange blossom – is much more lush even without a burning wick. The notes are sweet, creamy and tangy-tart and this perception is basically confirmed even when lit. However, powdery-floral facets come into play here and the fragrance is also less sweet here, but is rather citric and fruity. A light and summery scent, Mediterranean and sunny.

Aloysia Citrodora by Carrière Frères

Aloysia Citrodora, the verbena, is the most opulent in terms of the pure scent of wax. Strong citrus notes flow towards me, greenish-minty accompanied. Lit, the scent of the verbena candle also becomes softer and calmer. The hesperidic nuances recede a little, leaving more room for the green and aromatic-fresh notes. A beautiful blend of citrus and herbal aromas from the house of Carrière Frères, very harmonious and authentic.

On my table there are still two diffusers, a Botanical Palet and a room spray by Carrière Frères, which I would like to introduce to you in my next post, so as not to go beyond the scope of this review here. 🙂

Please tell me: Who of you already knows the room fragrances from the French brand? Do you have a favorite you can’t be without?

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