Sunkissed Goddess and Imperial Tea by Kilian – Goddesses and rulers

Sunkissed Goddess by Kilian is the winner of my little poll from the weekend, which was once again about which creation I should definitely review here next. And since it’s hard to stand on one leg, I’m also including the Imperial Tea eau de parfum in this review, because I also received a sample of this fragrance in my last package from the Aus Liebe zum Duft headquarters. So let’s go!

Kilian - Sunkissed Goddess

Sunkissed Goddess – Kilian

Kilian always spoils us with plenty of images and these – like the name itself – already give us an idea that Sunkissed Goddess is a creation that is wrapped in warm golden tones. Perhaps I can also smell the cozy, intimate nuances of naked, sun-kissed skin, subtly salty, very sensual and extremely seductive.

The white flacon of the eau de parfum points the way to The Narcotics line, which was formerly known as Les Fleurs Narcotiques and has since been renamed. We receive one or two further clues in the direction of the flowers. It becomes floral and lush, sumptuous, opulent, beguiling. I see a horde of white flowers before my inner eye, which may excite some and put others off. However, I am certain that Calice Becker, Kilian’s trusted perfumer, has given this lush bouquet of flowers a magical twist.

The star guest of the Sunkissed Goddess creation, which blooms in brilliant white, is the Tiaré. The skin-beautifying and richly scented monoi oil is made from this tropical flower by macerating it in coconut oil. The island peoples of the southwest Pacific region have been using this technique for centuries and use the intensely fragrant oil obtained in this way as skin care. And so Sunkissed Goddess naturally also contains two of the ingredients mentioned above: Tiaré blossom, ylang-ylang, coconut, vanilla, guaiac wood and labdanum (cistus).

Kilian - Sunkissed Goddess

Sunkissed Goddess is all of the above and much more. The fragrance starts off wonderfully bright and creamy, defined by lucid floral powder and the exotic accents of coconut, which put me in a summery and sunny mood from the very first sniff. The olfactory mélange is reminiscent of sunscreen, which enhances the vacation vibes of this eau de parfum all the more. Ylang-ylang underlines the milky-tropical nuances of coconut, while subtly smoky and violet-like powdery guaiac wood and balsamic-sweet labdanum gradually round off the composition.

With Sunkissed Goddess, Kilian gives us a fragrance that smells like a vacation in the South Seas, evoking associations of turquoise blue sea and bright white sandy beaches under magnificent coconut palms. Luxurious, elegant and wonderfully summery, this eau de parfum is perfect for anyone who wants to get in the olfactory mood for their upcoming vacation. Beach feeling to spray on for all those who love tropical flowers and coconut!

Imperial Tea – Wonderful tea

Regular readers of this fragrance blog should know that I absolutely love tea fragrances. That’s why I’m really looking forward to Imperial Tea by Kilian, which is dedicated to the Asian art of tea and pays homage to it. “Tea time” the Kilian way is always something special, of course, and in this case the eau de parfum even bears the epithet “Imperial”, meaning “stately” or “magnificent”, which probably refers to the exceptional quality of the olfactory hot drink. Perfumer Calice Becker created the composition from the ingredients bergamot, algae, green tea, jasmine, vetiver and musk, following the principle of “less is more”.

Kilian - Imperial Tea

Oh, I’m thrilled! Imperial Tea opens with wonderful tea nuances. At first, I perceive a citrusy tartness that is surrounded by a subtle, salty seaweed green. But soon the gently flowing and meditative nuances of green tea emerge, refined by creamy jasmine blossoms. Is that nice? Absolutely! The creation is powdery, transparent and very bright as it progresses thanks to the fine, earthy notes of vetiver and crystalline musk, which skillfully round off the fragrance.

Imperial Tea is a green-floral and Asian-meditative eau de parfum that should appeal to anyone who loves tea creations and especially green jasmine tea. A light yet present, enveloping composition that is very clear and minimalist, elegant and timeless, calming and relaxing. Perfect for all those who love light, rather quiet and uncomplicated fragrances and are still looking for a suitable companion for the warmer season. 🍵

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